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Energylandia | Zadra | RMC I-Box


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Wait; 15th August? 2019? That's insane; I thought Zadra was definitely a 2020 project? Hats off to Energylandia for getting it finished so quickly!
The park have said in the past they intended to open Zadra this autumn if possible, with the rest of the area to follow in 2020. Seems things changed with them being able to open up a good chunk of the area too!


I love your enthusiasm Matt but I think this is a long way off opening. They might finish construction and have the ride tested this year but this is part of a huge park expansion so they also have to build the other rides, add theming, shops, security fences and somehow connect this part of the park to the existing areas because there is a road running between them.
Looks like I need to eat these words! 🤣

Astonishing that they've completed this area and opened it not much more than 2 months after I visisted in early May and it looked like little more than a pile of mud with half a coaster in the middle of it. Absolutely amazing stuff!


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Hang on. The new area is already open? That's insane. Is it just the monorail ride that's open or are any of the smaller coasters/rides also open?

The area looks really nice, a great looking addition to the park.


Is it just the monorail ride that's open or are any of the smaller coasters/rides also open?
Not that its always correct but rcdb lists both 2019 family coasters open

Hopefully the rest of the smaller rides are open to.


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Now I know I am not known as being a super RMC fan but I recently did Goliath and thought it had a great layout so now I am hyped for this. Hopefully it has less bumpy bits and more nice airtimey swoopy bits.


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Yup, just like I wrote on previous page- everything except Zadra is open in the new area.
Sorry totally didn't see page 20's updates!

Like @JoshC. I'm a bit worried the dark ride has been scrapped.

I love all the themed buildings but the interiors are so modern it clashes really harshly (imo) - especially the arcade. Oh well, a +3 along with a whole new area within a year is mental.

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Wow. I've obviously been following along with construction, but I lost hope sometime in June that it would be open in time for my August trip over to Poland. Even as recently as a few days ago, it looked like there was no shot. This news is fantastic, and entirely unexpected. I'm not going to throw any parades until trains are being dispatched with asses in seats, but this adds a whole new level of excitement for my upcoming trip to the park.