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Energylandia | Choco Chip Creek | Vekoma Minetrain | 2024

Lori Marie Loud

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I suppose, the larger concrete slabs are there where theming is planned.
Taken from the Skyscrapercity forum (click).
Why do I somehow doubt this is opening in 2022? Looks to me like a Labor Day opening, maybe, or late October.


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Yes, but Zadra did end up preceding it's themed area by a year.
There's literally just a raw coaster standing and some foundations, they will not open just mine train. Zadra opened with the whole new zone, theming wasn't finished in 100% but there obviously was something.

They didn't even showed visualisations of Sweet Valley yet, they will be showing it cause they're still working with Jora Vision. Who knows maybe they will show it tomorrow on press conference?


Mountain monkey
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Told ya. The thread title now says "2021".
RCDB still says 2022, for what it's worth:
By the way, and perhaps slightly off-topic, from what I can tell this coaster is currently the second biggest coaster in Europe slated to open in 2022. Fønix at Fårup Sommerland is bigger, of course, but the next one down the list is either this Zierer Force Two at Majaland or this Atlantica Supersplash clone at Le Pal, depending on what you choose to define as a coaster. Maybe the Junior Coaster at Tayto Park will be even bigger, but the details are unknown so far. Other than that, Europe is due a few family coasters, three Big Apple clones, and possibly a poorly documented but potentially exciting coaster for Wiener Prater. Maybe Flamingoland can get their 10-looper opened, and maybe construction at TusenFryd will be faster than expected. Still, 2022 doesn't strike me as a massively interesting year for Europe coaster-wise.

Nicky Borrill

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Was at the park today, It doesn’t look like it’s opening any time soon to be honest… this time last year we visited and Abyssus was testing with people on it ;)

framework is in place for what looks like a small castle or something similar, but it is just the frame so far! :)

Nicky Borrill

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More work completed!
Not really a castle then 🙈😂 My bad, the framework for the roof on the round part looked like a fairy tale castle turret in person 😂😂😂

This theming is very ‘Alton Towers’ reminds me of Towers Street and Cloud Cuckoo land (rip)