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Energylandia | Choco Chip Creek | Vekoma Minetrain | 2024


Hyper Poster
I thought the same at the start of last season 🤪

After a quick check of their Facebook page they responded an hour ago that they "are not giving an opening date yet."1687358712811.png

I am wondering what they are waiting for but for anyone visiting soon at least 2 of the best rides in Europe have been open a few years now so there's that.


Roller Poster
Its all very odd, Guessing tilt coaster is no longer in the pipeline? EL need to consider dark rides next in my eyes

I’d say start removing some of the trash! Improve the front half of the park and bring it up to the quality of the back half. Atleast 5 of the coasters should be removed to do this even if it meant replacing with just 1 or 2 world class family coaster it’s better than having Viking, Circus Coaster, Fruitti Loops and Happy Loops.


Hyper Poster
They already made plans to improve the front of the park, but this can only take place once the new entrance gate (R.I.P. 1h Zadra ERT on a busy day) is built. And if I remember correctly, the new entrance gate will be build with the hotel that keeps being delayed since 2019.


Roller Poster
Yes, last week and it's very similar to what I saw exactly a year ago. Pathways and lighting all seems finished but still work on the theming of Choco Chip Creek, and that entire building at the side, though that was meant to be phase 2 after the land opened. I now don't see this opening until 2024! Mad that the coaster test video was released December 21! Pics I took below.