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Energylandia | Abyssus | Vekoma Shockwave+ | 2021


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Vekoma posted a picture of the trains a couple of months ago. And yes they have vests. The theming is very detailed but it's otherwise the standard vekoma trains. Same as formula and lech coaster.
I don’t think the trains are bad at all, I’ve never heard anything bad about the trains! Hopefully 2020 cuz I have seen you guys talking about 2021, do we know if someone confirmed a 2021 opening yet
I don’t think the trains are bad at all, I’ve never heard anything bad about the trains! Hopefully 2020 cuz I have seen you guys talking about 2021, do we know if someone confirmed a 2021 opening yet
Yeah the vests on Formula / Lech / Mayan are fine, they don't really do much to be honest but I think they make people feel safer.
There is nothing bad about them. It's just us coaster enthusiats being wierd and not liking to feel safe. The GP love them though.
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Coaster looks fab, not shedding any tears if it's delayed until next year, the area itself looks a way off from the latest pics.
Good to see EL are reducing the walking on the big two, the Hyperion one was desperately needed.
The vests on these are much better than the B&M ones, they don't restrict anywhere as badly.

Weird thread this, Howie got a dressing down, someone wasn't impressed with Lech, there's aggression everywhere and in the middle of said aggression Ben posted something and wasn't a **** :eek:;)


Weird thread this, Howie got a dressing down, someone wasn't impressed with Lech
I am not sure what exactly they changed last year, but at least they installed a cooling for the wheels. I've done Lech in 2018 and it was world class. Strongest airtime I have ever felt, I nearly blacked out in the beginning (the only coaster I ever had this feeling) and my legs, arms and shoulders were hurting after my day.
2019, and it was a great family thrill ride, but not close to the intensity it had 2018.

Knowing this, I am still not sure about Abyssus. That straight Airtime hill over the second launch (the one after the Batwing) could either be a challenger for the strongest Airtime I ever felt, with the rest of the ride being very good and intense, or it will give a decent pop of airtime, and the rest of the layout will be quite "weak" in comparison. I really hope for the former one, but if I compare it to Lech Coaster, Formula or Hals über Kopf, it might turn out to be a good family-thrill ride, but no pure thrill ride. Please Energylandia, proof me wrong...

Despite the information Loopings has, and I know that they tend to have good sources, I am still thinking if EL might open Abyssus this season without any advertising, as it's just standing there and they will be allowed full capacity soon. I'd market it in 2021 as new, but soft open it in 2020. They did pretty much the same as Zadra. I am just thinking what they would market there. Hyperion is number 1 in Europe, Zadra no. 1 worldwide. Abyssus #1 in the Solar System?


It's not just the people/public I'm thinking about. It's the same reason I don't visit places like Dubai, Russia etc. Why would I want to be a tourist, and spend my hard-earned tourist money, in a country run by those who villainize me?

I'll pass, thanks.
Sorry to bring this back up, but I just really needed to say that I stand with you here Ethan. It's just even harder for me, because I'm half polish and spent my childhood in the country. And to see 51% of the population vote for a president who believes that I shouldn't have human rights? It hits really hard.

But on the positive side, it's mainly the older generation with extremist catholic beliefs who voted for Duda, the younger generation are better educated and are protesting and campaigning for change, I really believe by 2023 on the next election we will get that change that the people of Poland deserves. We are very "lucky" in England that minority groups are given the basic human rights that everyone deserves, I shouldn't have to call it "lucky", but it is, because a lot of other countries out there don't let people express who they want to be.

Duda isn't just against the LGBT community, he is known for antisemitic comments and racism too. Basically discriminating against any minority groups.

As for comparing it to trump, its a bit different, Orlando is in Florida, which is basically a country in itself, as America is essentially made up of 50 countries. As far as I'm aware the people of Florida are given basic human rights that minority groups aren't given in Poland(correct me if I'm wrong though).

But yeah, its even harder for me, as I have relatives over there, but it's not all the people of Poland who are like that and discriminate against minority groups, it's pretty split. But it's really hard for me to set foot back into the country after this election. I will be choosing to stay away as much as possible out of principle where I can, and I certainly won't be going anytime soon to get the new credits at Energylandia. I went for zadra last September, but the devastating results of this election really changes a lot for me. I don't fancy finding myself in an LGBT-free zone in the country where my family comes from :(

I hope everyone that’s cancelling Poland for their nutjob leader is also cancelling America and won’t be going to Orlando any time soon... I mean you ain’t far off having to leave the UK at this rate.

I’ll be sashaying on the first flight over I can and getting the creds. Me riding an RMC is not going to make any difference on their political situation. If it bothers you that much maybe research LGTBQ+ hotels and businesses over there you can support by staying at.
It's easy to make statements when the situation doesn't directly affect you. When you reside in one of those minority groups and have family who live in the country, it becomes a much tougher decision to set foot back into the country where you have people you love than heading off to ride an RMC.

Sorry for bringing it back up, but I just needed to express my opinion on this one.


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Thanks for sharing... Trustworthy source... I am still skeptical, LOTS of trustworthy sources swore blind Zadra was a 2020...

@FOMO Coaster can you confirm this? Have you heard anything solid?
I don’t think the trains are bad at all, I’ve never heard anything bad about the trains! Hopefully 2020 cuz I have seen you guys talking about 2021, do we know if someone confirmed a 2021 opening yet
In the interview for one of the polish newspapers Marek Goczał, owner of the EL said that due to low attendance this year new area might be postponed and might be opened in 2021. And that is most accurate information we have at the moment.

Edit: Here we go, the source: https://podroze.onet.pl/aktualnosci...ak-funkcjonuje-w-nowej-rzeczywistosci/9kwpkbv
Do otwarcia przygotowywaliśmy się bardzo długo, mieliśmy sporo czasu na dopieszczenie pewnych atrakcji. Zobaczymy, co z frekwencją w parku, ponieważ jesteśmy na ukończeniu strefy Aqualantis i rollercoastera Abyssus, ale nie podjęliśmy jeszcze decyzji o dacie otwarcia. Uruchomienie tej kolejki wiąże się z ogromnymi kosztami, być może zrobimy to w kwietniu następnego roku - powiedział Marek Goczał, właściciel Energylandii.

We have been preparing for the opening for a very long time, we had a lot of time to polish some attractions. We will see what about the attendance in the park, because we are at the end of the Aqualantis and Abyssus rollercoaster zone, but we have not yet decided on the opening date. The launch of this rollercoaster involves huge costs, maybe we will do it in April next year - said Marek Goczał, owner of Energylandia.
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On the other hand, looking on past few weeks, attendance on weekends seems to be back to normal, the same probably during the weekdays, it just needed some time to rise after covid lockdown.

To be completely honest regarding Zadra, on polish SSC Community we had almost certain information it would be ready still in 2019, although all foreign websites could not believe and stuck to 2020.
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