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Energylandia | Abyssus | Vekoma Shockwave+ | 2021

Nicky Borrill

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FOMO Coaster will post their photos here soon.
I’ve seen them, I follow on facebook :) I think the first 2 EL posted are from the same day, as the white crane and crew are working on the same section of the batwing in Fomo’s pics and EL’s pics.
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The mine train track disappeared :eek: I remember seeing it next to the Abyssus track when I went for a little "close-up" in October.


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I'm actually in shock now that I've seen the scale of the new area, and how far out it is from the rest of the park. I expected everything to be really compact and crammed in against everything else, not out on its own like that. I have to wonder what else they'll try to squeeze in over there.


That's not the mine train - is there another vekoma kiddie cred going in to Aqualantis then?

Edit: just caught up with the discussion in the other thread, I see the answer is yes!


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So just to clarify, that thing (#8) is a separate cred to the mine train, meaning that they might be adding +3 to the park this year??