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Energylandia | Abyssus | Vekoma Shockwave+ | 2021

Nicky Borrill

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Sorry Trax but Maldo is correct. Whenever the RMC guys spoke about the project at trade shows etc they always considered it a 2019 project. That being said I do hope you’re predictions are right about this project... Gonna ride it either way as have a season pass and it’s such a cheap and easy flight for me, but it would be nice to get on it in April when I’ll be visiting with ‘the lads.’


You don’t have to be sorry, If I am mistaking, I am mistaking - it’s that easy.

Even if I am also mistaking about the opening date of Abyssus: As a European it is really cheap to go there, I also purchased an annual pass last year for approximately 85-90€.Of course, if you travel from abroad it is a much bigger deal if they can’t make it, but I am still confident.
Sorry for the ugly and quick drawings, but I wanted to update myself on how much % of the track has been installed.
Red = Installed
Yellow = Not Installed yet (as far as I'm aware of)
Again, sorry for the dumb choice of colours as well, but I thought I might just share it with you guys!

Looks like 50% is completed! Incredible pace!


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There is currently a storm over Europe, let’s hope that Abyssus won’t do the Zadra and tips over - That might Delay the opening by 2 weeks :)

To be serious, I just hope they secured loose objects, so no one gets hurt. I don’t even know if the storm hits Poland, but I am getting plenty of wind here.
Just the amount of yellow and orange jackets you can see on this picture tells us how Energylandia is doing everything different than in any other park. I'm curious if they make it on season opening, but April seems to be a fair deadline.