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In true Dutch park fashion, we have a Making Of series...

This one talks a lot about the design process and some features that will be in the queue, including a whoopee cushion organ where you can sit on different cushions to make different fart noises...


I know some people are sad about Bob leaving including me however although not a thrill coaster I think it will fit quite well and I quite look forward to seeing a brand-new Mack Powered coaster. Now let’s hope they sort it out and get it dualing!


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New making of about the ride's music.

Efteling posted a blog about the landscaping around the coaster. Source
An Alpine landscape in the middle of Efteling?

The evil boys Max and Moritz live with their mother, Frau Schmetterling, in a mountain village. This hilly landscape is reflected in the new Max & Moritz family roller coaster.

As landscape architect of the Efteling, Ivo Südmeier is responsible for the creation of this area. “If you are in the queue later, you can look into the landscape at various places. You can see the slopes of the hills with the pine forest in the background. A running stream crosses the meadow with colorful flowers. Very idyllic! A small nuance: this is the landscape that we want to go to. In the beginning, the trees are not yet fully grown and the first blades of grass will not emerge until the spring. Every year the landscape will look different again. "

Differences in height in the landscape

“Because it is a relatively compact roller coaster, where the trains are interwoven, we have made many differences in height in the landscape. This means that you are literally in the hills one moment and the next you stand out. The differences in height are optically emphasized because we plant smaller trees on the lowest part, which will remain small in the future, and larger trees on the higher part. In the roller coaster you will literally zoom through the hills and the trees. ”

Mountain lake around the roller coaster

“A running stream also belongs to an Alpine landscape. So that will be there, complete with a waterfall and bridges. The stream gets a natural course through the landscape, is sometimes wider or narrower and even flows into a small lake. It is a shallow stream, where water seeps along the rocks and knocks against the stones. "

Green in all seasons

“What you can already see on the construction site is the skeleton of the planting, the basis. We have deliberately chosen to use one type of pine tree at different heights, namely the Serbian spruce. We will add an extra layer of planting later, the so-called forest plantation. This includes, among other things, the (coniferous) trees and shrubs, which are already present on Capricorn Square and the green belt near Piraña. That is how the area around Max & Moritz, from Het Seylend Fregat to Fata Morgana, speaks of one formal language. In addition, we plant at the front of the station building, around the columns of the roller coaster and the fencing climbing roses and Clematis. These bloom in the summer in soft pink and white tones. The meadow is sown with a grass and a wild flower mixture. So in summer there is more color, but even in winter the landscape still looks recognizable and characteristic. ”



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I know there's no way this will be open for my visit on March 1st, but I could really use the +2.


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Anyone else think it's really strange how the trains go in different directions?

Based on the layout, going in the same direction would have caused some interesting dueling action, that they seemed to minimize as much as possible due to that?

Now you will pretty much see the other train once during the full circuit (outside of station)


I haven't really been following this thread, but I think this looks great! Personally I found Bob to be uncomfortable and boring, so a couple of Mack powered coasters is always a good replacement. Perfect for their demographic too.