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Dorney Park 2024


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It wouldn’t be the first time Cedar Fair received B&M parts early, Yukon Striker had track on site as early as January 2018 to allow the underwater tunnel to be built.
It's certainly not without precedent, but this ride appears to be a much smaller coaster with presumptively less integration needed. It'd be very unusual for the first shipment of parts to simply be 3 pallets/crates of parts weighing just 843 kg.


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Dorney's gone ahead and the other day received another B&M shipment. It can and has been debated whether the first one was preliminary equipment or parts for Talon/Hydra, as it was right before the approval and only 3 packages of 843 KG. This, in comparison, is 12 packages of 7356 KG, and therefore much more substantial. If not 2024 project related, they must be needing a lot of spare parts.
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