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We all have them, those pinacle moments of stupidity. Where afterwards you do a face palm and say "D'oh!"

So, what are yours?

One of my many is when I was starting to drive. I was still learning the difference between the petals, and was trying to parrelle park. I screwed up, and my mom told me to just drive out and park somewhere else. So, I hit what I thought was the brake.

Well, it turned out to be the gas, and we flew backwards into a truck. Whoops.

Let's hear 'em


Oh no

Ok. I have to many 'Failed' moments in my past (and i'm sure, my future), but these are the things i have done lately.

  • Looked for my school bag right after i put it down by my legs to lock the door.

    Went to take my cup down stairs, walked all the way down the stairs and into the kitchen without the cup, came back upstairs and forgot what I was suposed to do and am going to take it down now because this has just reminded me lol.

    I knocked over my guitar, which knocked over my chair, which knocked my PC plug out of the wall (about 30 minets ago).

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