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do we NEED to count credits?


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Yes, and so is the Ghost Train.
Ghost Train is a point I have heard argued before, and while technically I can see why, I wouldn't ever class it as a coaster.

While we are on the subject, most seem to agree that the RMT at Towers is a powered coaster, yet W&G which is a very similar system is never considered anything other than a dark ride.


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You don't need to. I personally find it fun to count creds but it's by no means a requirement of being an enthusiast. I've got a pretty low cred count and meet loads of enthusiasts but not one has made it into a competition.
whats your credit count, if i where to count i would have only ridden 9 coasters intotal (every thing at knotts [but xcelerator] and freeway coaster)


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I count creds because I enjoy it. I don't however ride kiddie coasters, so I just count the main coasters.


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I do count, but the counting is just for me. Whether someone has ridden 100 or 1000 it doesn't bother me.

I try to ride all coasters I can. I have found that sometimes when i've gone to ride some of the smallest, most useless coasters out there, i've come away having had a much better experience than I expected. Eg, I had planned to go to a small park during a trip a few years ago. The park only had a small SBF Spinner, and none of us were really looking forward to visiting just for that, but it turned out to be a lovely unique park, we stayed longer than expected and got to see a place we wouldn't have visited had we not seeked out the coaster.

The also happened with Zatorland in Poland. We visited with the plan to ride the small coaster, but it turned out the park itself was lovely. An absolutely fantastic dinosaur walkthrough, a mythological section. An insect area. The food was decent. So the actual, "going to only ride a small coaster", turned into a lovely visit to a great park that we otherwise would have missed out on.

This is a scenario that has repeated itself several times so yes, riding those small coasters really does take you to some unexpected and interesting places.


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Nope, do what you want.

I count them. I ride kiddy coasters for the +1s, but I've never been in a situation where doing that is compromising something else.

Obviously, bigger and better coasters get priority, and if I found myself short on time, I'd skip the smaller stuff; it's just never happened.

That seems to be the main criticism levelled at people who enjoy the counting aspect: you're wasting time when you could be riding x,y and z. No, because x,y and z have been done, more than once if they were good, and will probably be ridden again before I leave.

I physically can't do multiple back-to-back rerides on intense coasters anymore; I start feeling slightly nauseous and get headaches, so taking a break to do other stuff, then going back later, works really well. If someone can spend all day whoring Zadra, Hyperion and Abyssus, more power to you, but I personally wouldn't find that enjoyable at all after a couple of rides on each.

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I don't really prioritise kiddy coasters unless I am at a park where there aren't that many coasters to begin with such as Drayton Manor or Tivoli Gardens. I do count my credits, but more for my personal fun than anything else. I just like to see the number going up. I also try to go to parks when it isn't the height of summer and really busy so that helps me get those credits if I so choose. I certainly wouldn't travel far for them alone though, they just happen to be in parks with better coasters. My meager coaster count is definitely inflated by kiddy coasters and family coasters though!


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Ive "reset" my cred count many times due to forgetting to update it and not riding for good chunks of time. TBH its not really a massive thing. Sometimes its just a thing to do. But its not important


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I count, just as a bit of fun and a memory aid. But am not out cred hunting. While i do have a few wacky worms on the list - they where mostly ridden when doing something like a CF live back in the day, when it's just a bit of fun going en mass on the ride.

The two most recent kiddie ride "creds" where one simply as we'd been on everything else in the park and the rides had no queue: Pilotti @ Linanmakki and Ba-Baa Coaster @ Europa so seemed a shame to give em a miss. But I'm not running around trying to get all the creds: for instance, i only have Moritz and not Max from Efteling :) as we where having too much fun with friends and just hanging out in the park

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I like to keep track of what I’ve ridden, but I’ll never go out of my way to get as many credits as possible. I won’t ride a coaster just for the sake of a +1


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I feel that there’s been a big shift in the attitude towards counting creds in the past few years especially with younger enthusiasts on Twitter - when I first joined CF it definitely felt like more pressure to be riding as many coasters as possible for bragging rights but now it’s about enjoying parks and coasters the way you want to and if that means going to the same parks and riding the same coasters over and over then so be it.

Me personally I still count but I’m not going out of my way to ride things that aren’t any good or stressing my self out at a park because there’s a load of creds to get. Long gone are the days of begging to be let onto kiddie creds just for the +1 🤣


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Long gone are the days of begging to be let onto kiddie creds just for the +1 🤣
Ahhh so that explains it. No need to beg when you're the "accompanying adult". ;)