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Djurs Sommerland | Tigeren | Intamin Gyro Swing


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I was invited to a preview-event of the new ride on thursday and got to experience the newest attraction in Djurs' already awesome line-up
Tigeren is a really great attraction, I had already ridden Loke at Liseberg last year and seeing as this is a clone, I sort of knew what I had in store.
It remains one of my favorite flat-rides and at Djurs Sommerland they have done a fantastic job on the theming and overall experience, with a nice viewing plaza, water effects and a beautiful queue-line.

If it's of any interest, I've made a short video out of the shots I was able to get during the event:



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So this thing has been open for months, we've had a first-hand account posted in the thread, and still it's stickied. Jeez, I need to become better at maintaining these...