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Disneyland Paris Advice

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elmerfudd said:
alriteeee clever dick from central london whos 18!! Just cause im young! whats your idea then? Im just assuming that would be the case! jeeez!


^ its alrite you picking 1 little thing out, but as you have said, and i quote 'nearly every topic I click on I see at least one abusive post per page'. These forums are all about opinions, and the fact half of the people on here have the cheek to go and completly insult your opinion is just stupid. Oh, and its so stereotypical of what bens saying. Can i just say, i now think this place is pathetic and stupid. So you will be proud to hear i am leaving so **** you all


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^and on that note...


Thanks to everyone for the advice though. I think I will try and do it one day. I know two would be better, but I'm honestly not bothered about the shows or the identical/very, very similar rides I've ridden at other parks (Buzz, Star Tours, Snow White etc...) I'll hit up the studios first, then head to the main park around lunch time, using and abusing the fast passes where possible.

Thanks everyone!
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