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CWOA | Mandrill Mayhem (World of Jumanji) | B&M Wing Coaster | 2023


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Our first glimpse into the legendary loading efficiencies.


Sure, the station is still under construction and those gates need to be set into the right position once the space is ready - but the overall building is looking very tinny at the moment. I wonder how far that will progress.


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I know it’s a work in progress but the lack of permanent Jumanji theming shocks me.

There is nothing so far regarding any ride experience or building which relates to Jumanji

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The jaguar statue is pretty synonymous with the reboot film I'd say?

100% but that’s one thing.

I know my argument doesn’t have much to stand on with a massive structure themed to the film. However, other than that one thing, it feels like they’ve built that and not bothered any further. If it’s an IP I hope the experience is relevant throughout. Atm there isn’t much

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There is nothing so far regarding any ride experience or building which relates to Jumanji
The whole area (pathways etc) looks like the board game map from the first movie too. It’s how people figured out pretty quickly that it would be a Jumanji themed area.


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There will also almost certainly be some kind of food outlet where you can smell what the rock is cooking, there's certainly room in that concept to allow for it. It will probably be appropriately named.

Then the area's soundtrack will probably be heavily inspired, if not directly from the films.

Also there's going to be a great big "World of Jumanji" sign that will likely give it away.
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A lot of theming is likely to be manufactured off-site (a client of mine is a theming fabricator and does this most of the time).

It's the easiest way to do it as they have all the tools and equipment in their workshop, rather than having to take it with them. The Jaguar shrine is obviously way too big to do that, but that appears to be really why that's the only theming element on-site.

It's delivered and installed pretty quickly once they're ready. They likely won't be on-site doing major theming until closer to the end, when it's less of a building site, as there is less risk of it being damaged.


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sigh... I now quite like the name, even though it's not a good name. It just makes me think of the parks I built when I was younger on RCT, and that gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

So, yeah, I like it now.

On another note, with the ongoing Retrosquad stuff at Alton, it's rather refreshing that this is coming with 2 flats alongside it too. 2 flats that aren't kiddie ones. Chessington is increasingly becoming one of the more balanced parks in the chain, even if it does lack the big headline thrill coaster.


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Nice that it's begun testing. Launch looks exactly as I'd expect given how little track is beyond that way.

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I'm probably missing something obvious but why does it come straight back?
Perhaps they're just testing the first backwards launch?

In terms of why the seats nearest to the camera are facing it; the ride has a backwards-facing row.