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"Cutting Edge" Trip reports


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Mine had gone by Monday morning as well, after I had a shower. The stamp only showed an S on my hand anyway.


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southend_marc said:
Mine had gone by Monday morning as well, after I had a shower. The stamp only showed an S on my hand anyway.

Bet you told your workmates it was "S for Stud"!

They said "yeah, you stud around all morning waiting for Saw to open, then you stud around waiting for something else to open" :p


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Hahaha class. And you just made me go through some videos which are about 9 years old.. :lol:


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Love the trip report, and I am to fat for a cheerleader :lol:

Anf no we didn't realise that dragon thing went backwards, I nearly hurled after that one.


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Well it's taken me THIS long to post something so I'm sorry, but (despite all the Saw-ness and winge that has already been said) I had a good time at Thorpe on Saturday!

Every now and again I think "Oh for **** sake, as if I didn't get on the world's steepest rollercoaster :?". But it honestly was awesome to meet new peeps, and see old ones again after many years of not seeing anyone!

Ride count was actually suprisingly okay! After the initial Saw-ness and CF Live abandon-ness we got Inferno x2, Rush, Colosus (which was suprisngly dead good! Very odd) and........X! Which was also much better then I remember! I thought it was quite cool for a crap ride of no sense.

That ride count couldn't have been done without the complaining at Guests Services and the 'Power of the Pen' cool).

Kinda sucks about the Saw queue pass only being valid till the fourth of April too. Maybe the 'Power of the Pen' can strike again :wink: ?

Anyhoo, awesome day (in terms of seeing everyone n things, appauling in theme park terms but enough has been said on that) and it's great you all having a pretty funky time at Paultons!


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Nice vid there John!?!

Ryan, nice :)

Mine might be available at the early hours of this morn grrrrrrrr. Windows movie maker was a poo and then Facebook didn't want to upload it grrrrrr. It's now slowly making it's was on to youtube. Hopefully the music I have used this time won't be mute grrrrrr. 1 vid muted 2 deleted grrrrrr.

Here's a brief one I made of Thorpe.

http://www.facebook.com/video/?id=10370 ... 3938672144




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^^ Fantastic! Even has the moment where I'm absolutely terrified as I find out that the Dragon thing goes backwards as well!


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First off - WOO I'm BACK! :p

Wow it feels so good to be back after SO LONG!

Anyway... ahem.

I'm glad I got up the courage to show my face at thorpe, it was really brilliant to see everyone again (although I'm not sure everyone was convinced!)

I wish that SAW had opened, but hey as I said to mark a lot that day I didn't go for any of the rides (apart from saw) and my main priority was seeing everyone again - I missed you all so much!



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^ Yes, welcome back, Az. Was certainly a shock to see you again - a nice shock - tbh, I was quite bewildered seeing you again after so long. But all that's happened is now water under the bridge imo so I hope we'll be seeing more of you and your good lady again soon. I'll even say more than "hello" next time!


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HAHA I only told Mark and Erol I was coming (And I had to tell erol 6 times before he realised what I was talking about) so yeah I was planning to suprise everyone...

I am definitely going to try my hardest to show up more often in the future, and although it seems so overwhelming to return to, I'll get back to posting here too lol.

Hey, I got a "hello" from the great Ian, can't complain about that!