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Coronavirus: A Thread

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Edward M

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After so much (non theme park) discussion in the "Impact on Theme Parks" thread, I thought I might try and make an entirely separate thread for people to post, talk, discuss, argue, etc. about coronavirus. I don't have much to comment on with this first post. All I'll say is

Wear a mask. For the love of God, Please Wear a Mask

(Also, if this seems better suited for another area outside of Anything Goes please do move it)


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I think at this point it's well accepted that the "Coronavirus: Impact on Theme Parks" is the place on the forums for all things Covid related.

And it makes sense to me. Another lockdown is announced > does it affect parks? > all of a sudden we're back in the 'theme park' land. I see little point in separating them - especially at this point.

Agree with the mask sentiment, though.
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