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Coasters that made you feel nothing


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It’s 107% self-imposed from riding too many coasters, but Candymonium. It was good, but didn’t do anything notably better that any other hyper - so ended up being totally forgettable.

For context, having the same dinner twice a month tends to put me into an existential crisis.

James F

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One that springs to mind for me is Atlantica SuperSplash at Europa Park. It's quite an imposing-looking ride, and I was hoping that the drops might provide some good airtime or speed or something, but it didn't really do an awful lot for me... it felt like a bit of a one-and-done ride for me. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad at what it does, but I'm not losing any sleep over the fact that we only rode it once during our trip to Europa.
Completely agree, even the drop on Thorpe's Tidal Wave feels more zippy.


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Intimidator at Carowinds. I think I can honestly say that it's the only B&M hyper where I've just thought, "meh".

Thinking about it, there's Raging Bull as well, but that was more of an active dislike than complete indifference.

James F

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You forgot to add airtime in that description. And that airtime is pretty good!

Turn hill (AIRTIME) turn > Turn hill (AIRTIME) turn > Turn hill (AIRTIME) turn > Turn hill (AIRTIME) turn > Turn hill (AIRTIME) turn > Turn hill (AIRTIME) turn
Even the airtime was disappointing for me. I'll admit that the night rides were better, but I just didn't feel any excitement coming off.


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Another vote for Icon here, I just find it bland.

The first half is alright, and there is an airtime moment on the second half I enjoy, but standing beside the woodies, Big One and Revolution and even Avalanche it just doesn't impress me.
Orion is the first coaster that comes to mind for me. I don't want to sound like a pretentious enthusiast, because it is a giga coaster, but I got off it not really feeling a whole lot, to be honest. It just seemed like a tamer version of all the other giga coasters I had done, and even with a Fast Lane, I wasn't exactly hopping back in line for another round.

Oh, another one would be Full Throttle at Magic Mountain. Filler ride, much?


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Pandemonium at SFSTL. Filler ride for the park that already has just decent rides. No airtime and the spinning feels like a Mack Extreme coster because it spins so little. Completly pointless addition except for the family market but we could have gotten a much better ride.


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Superman The Escape (aka Superman: Escape from Krypton) is, as my son says, "absolutely nothing".

Rob Coasters

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After much debate... I'm another one for Icon. At this point I think I'm overranking it a bit, but I kept coming off the ride almost in denial that I really wasn't feeling all that much. There's one standout airtime hill which was absolutely fantastic. I distinctly remember my first ride on it since 2018 and I came off just all "I hope it grows on me later today" (it didn't), and really questioned my high placement of it. My 2018 ride was absolutely euphoric, some of the most fun I'd ever had on any coaster. Then the 2022 rides... man. I wish I felt more. I really wish I did.

It's fun. Don't get me wrong. Just it hadn't hit like it did back in 2018, and every few-so weeks I drop it one place in my rankings. It fell below Olympia, then it fell below Smiler, then it fell below Stealth. The next coaster for it to fall under is OzIris but I haven't ridden that for eight years now so I don't know.

Enso improves it. The inversions while spinning are great but it really needs a kicker so it just doesn't face one direction for most of the ride. It was a good decision to make. But it's not worth £15 in the slightest.

I think it just rode slow. It was the last day of the weekend at the tail-end of November, and my friend who spoke of fantastic airtime absolutely everywhere was shocked when I said there was only really one for me. "Not even on the immelmann in the back seat?" Nada. So hopefully it rides better.