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Coasterforce Quiz!!!


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I've set up a daily quiz tournament for all of us on Coasterforce to play.
The link can be found:

So sign up and enjoy. :D

(please try to use your Coasterforce forum names, as it will be easier to recognise everyone. If you cant then please post ere what name your playing under.

To post a comment in the shout box, you have to type in your message, then when the confirmation page comes up, click 'back' in your browser, and then 'refresh' the page.

If you win with the highest score for the month you get to choose the topic of the quiz once a week.
NOTE: The same person can't choose more than once, if the same person wins choice will go to the next player with the highest score. The following month the choice of topics will go to the next person who hasn't chosen yet. This way everyone gets a go to choose the topics, but will still compete to come top and choose before everyone else.


1st June 08
Metallica_Dave wins this month. Well done. Remember the scoreboards are refreshed so keep trying next month and you may come out on top. Also the more days you play the more likely you are to be higher up the leader board.

1st May 08
Furie was the highest scorer this month that hasn't chosen yet. If you didn't win this month keep trying as the leader boards get refreshed each month.

1st April 08
Well done Bazpa, as Gavin and Stone Cold have already chosen the topics, you were the next highest scorer this month which means that you get to choose the topics for every Wednesday.

19th Mar 08
New rule enforced. Anyone who gets caught here just posting their score or just a smiley, will get a 24 ban as the mods are getting annoyed with everyone using it as an excuse to boost their post count.
So please try to post more than just your score in future please.

1st Feb 08
Well done to Gavin for winning last months quiz. He now gets to choose the topic for the quiz every Wednesday for the rest of the month. :D

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January 2008 Results:


December 2007 Results (Sorry no screenshot but heres the top ten scores.
Dec 07

67 players played during the month.

1. gavin (765 points, 13 wins)
2. TarkaTrax (432 points, 2 wins)
3. David (415 points, 2 wins)
4. woolly (402 points, 0 wins)
5. bazpa (388 points, 0 wins)
6. Ben (381 points, 0 wins)
7. Ian (376 points, 1 wins)
8. Lain (360 points, 2 wins)
9. ketchup (352 points, 2 wins)
10. SnooSnoo (332 points, 0 wins)

November 2007 Results:

Five out of ten, how awesome am I?

Actually, I was really just guessing for most of the questions, besides one or two which I did know.

I think someone should make one of these, only for coasters, because then at least I'd have a chance at doing well, haha.


Hyper Poster
I got 8/10, which took me 158 seconds, and I'm currently winning!

I guessed three, one I got right, two I got wrong. I think I knew everything else.


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Yay! Random trivia crap! I'm usually pretty good at these.


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Woo! An obscure quiz on sports, hosted in America. That was easy! :p


Strata Poster
I almost pwned todays quiz, I was going to choose the correct answer on Irish football but thought it was something else last minute. D'oh


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Well that was ****.


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Well I completely guessed every single answer on todays sports quiz. I don't even pay attention to UK sports much, how the hell am I going to know answers to mainly American sports? :?

Meh, will be intersting to see what the next quiz is on.


Hyper Poster
4/10 in 150 secs,

I think I just beat you Ian. :)

That was ****, I don't do sport let alone old sport, or old American sport, I got the drag racing one though, it's cars, and yes I can do that one, the rest were just guessing.!!!!!

Good old general knowledge then I'd do better


Giga Poster
I got a ****e 2. Well girls like me aren't that familiar with sports usually anyway. I did get the netball one right though.

Can we see some ones that could possibly suit more people in the future.

I guessed every single one of them and had never heard of any of them before in my life. I'm guessing most of them are americans anyway.


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Ah bollocks, I missed the 2nd one because of time differences and all that. I would have been crap at that anyway. First to answer on the 3rd quiz though. Yay!