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Coaster with the strongest smell?


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Last time I went to my home park, the back of Kingda Ka smelled like fertilizer / cow manure. My mother, then, proceeded it to call the back row, "Kingda Ca-Ca" as I told her my experience.

Matt N

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I’ve got to say, after having visited yesterday; Legoland Windsor seemingly love a good smell pod!

Dragon has a very distinct Medieval smell in the dark ride section, Flight of the Sky Lion uses numerous smells, Monster Party uses a musty smell in the pre-show area, and a smell of desserts during the actual Madhouse section itself, and there are probably more I’m forgetting!


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The lift hill on Euromir can get pretty ripe in the summer... oh and Odyssey smells like a fish fryer at points (due to its location obv)


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Klondike Gold Mine coaster at Drayton Manor had a really strong smell of diesel or some sort of fuel. It’s the only one that really sticks out for me to this day.
I like the smell of old woodies, the decades of baked in oil and grease has a certain charm to it.

At the opposite end of the scale though is any ride with a leaky gearbox, used gearbox oil smells like rotten eggs and is a complete assault on the nose. Anyone who has changed the oil in a cars gearbox or diff will know what I mean....


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Old Vekomas such as the corkscrew at AT and FL had a really strong oil smell, not unpleasant to me though, just smelt like a petrol station, same thing with Space Mountain in Disneyland Paris.

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I feel like, all of Kennywood just has some old-timey frying oil smell.