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Coaster with the most air miles


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Reading that Indiana Beech is getting “Triple Loop”, that means it’s been from Malaysia to England, then Mexico and now USA. That’s a lot of miles (I can’t be arsed to work it out*).

Ignoring established recognised travelling coasters, and it’s journey from the fabrication plant to the park, which coaster has the most air miles? That’s not necessarily the coaster that has been relocated the most, but rather distance travelled. Anybody know?

(I know they’re normally transported by boat, but air miles sounds better.)

* edit: I did a rough calculation, 13,700 miles.
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Flamingoland seems to be connected to a few well-travelled coasters...

Their other old Schwarzkopf, Bullet, has been from Austria to Florida to England to its current home in Mexico.

And the ten looper of course has come via Brazil and Malaysia without completing a single lap yet!
Teststreche has been around a bit, though it's a bit blurry with it's stints on the funfair circuit. According to rcdb it started out at Sao Paulo, then moved to Dorney park and had a good while at Prater in Vienna before it's most recent residence in Saudi Arabia.


So Schwarzkopf's get around a bit? Promiscuous or durable?

I wonder how many miles some six flags rides did back in the rotation era?


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I'm nominating this one:
Recoil at Wonderla Amusement Park.

It presumably started out of the Vekoma manufacturing plant in Europe, to be shipped to World Expo Park in Brisbane, 16,200 km away.
It was only installed temporarily in Brisbane, for the six months of the World Expo. After the Expo was over, it moved to Wonderland Sydney, 733 km further south.
Wonderland Sydney went belly-up in 2004, and the Boomerang was moved to Alabama Adventure, 14,700 km away.
In 2011 it was on the move again, this time to its current home in Hyderabad, India. 14,100 km away.

I count a nudge below 30,000 km of relocations, in addition to the 16,000 km moved from the presumed manufacturing plant to its initial location. A bit below 20,000 + 10,000 miles for you savages. Given the reputation of Vekoma Boomerangs, I'm not surprised each owner seems to have wanted to send it as far away as possible.

EDIT: This thing is no slouch either:
Drievliet (Netherlands) - Blue Bayou Dixie Land (Alabama US) - Trans Studio Bali (Indonesia) is a cool 24,000 km according to Google Maps. Of course, it didn't travel very far from Maurer's plant in Germany to Drievliet when it was manufactured, but the journey afterwards was pretty spectacular.
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There definitely seems to be a trend with Schwarzkopfs and lots of relocations, because it seems as though Tsunami (4-looper) has gotten to quite a few parks in its lifetime, as well: https://rcdb.com/4214.htm