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Coaster Themed Screensavers / Backgrounds.


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Stole this idea off of that Rumney fella who posed the same question on the PBE Facebook page last week.
How many of you, as the title suggests, have coaster or park themed screensavers and backgrounds on your phones, tablets and PC's?
Judging by the previous response, I'm guessing that will be most of you!
Let's see 'em then. :)
I currently seem to have Untamed on mine:

Screenshot_20200131-120157_One UI Home.jpg


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I have a Phantasialand double for my phone: Taron coming up from its second launch as my lock screen: Screenshot_20200204-105300.jpg

...and the fire breathing ice dragon that sat in the China area during their 2017/18 Winteraum event as my background.
(Both photos taken on my phone too!)


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Currently rocking an old Jumbo Jet wallpaper