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Coaster Crazy (iOS game)


You have to wait 24 hours or more to unlock each level later in the game. You can pay to unlock the levels instantly.

I prefer to activate all the levels at once and then just play them the next day.


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Mark said:

Talk about taking it back 20 years. You are spot on peep, its totally the original Bullfrog Theme Park. Bloody awful thing that game was and then they insulted us further with Theme Park World...

So, erm, Mr Frontier guy, can you drop wasting time on this crap and go develop RCT4 and also make sure it sees the return of the original 'simcity' style of the game. Ta.
I take it back. I downloaded the game about 2 hours ago and have been playing it since. Ok so its not RCT4 but actually it is a fun little game to pass the time. Basic but effective.


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I've been playing this game for a couple days now, and am quite impressed. Very solid graphics for an mobile game, and reasonably good coaster builder. It is a bit tricky on figuring out how to bank track and have inversions not look outlandish, but all in all a good game for free. Much better than Sim Theme Park!


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At least you get used to the controls. My only gripe is that banking is insanely difficult on a non-iPad-sized device.


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I downloaded it for free last night. It was too expensive. Simplistic turd.