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Chocolate Digestives- Top or Bottom?

Chocolate- Top or Bottom

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Roller Poster
We always have this debate in our house (no we're not that sad) and I'm sure the chocolate is on the bottom of digestives rather than the top, but everyone else disagrees!
So is the chocolate on the Top or Bottom of the biscuit?


Giga Poster
The top. I always have the choccy on top when I eat it, so it is on top. Thinking it's on the bottom is just silly :lol:.


Hyper Poster
I always thought the top but I think you have a point. I eat normal digestives with the logo at the top so maybe chocolate ones are the same, but still think the chocolate is at the top!


Top, if it's on the bottom, the chocolate melts in your hand.


Giga Poster
The side with the text on it is considered the top on plain digestives, so it should be considered the top on chocolate digestives too.

Chocolate is on the bottom.


Hyper Poster
The whole point is when you place the chocolate digestive on a surface, the chocolate is facing the sky, therefore the chocolate is on the top!

Chocolate on the bottom?! No no! That's like saying you toasted the underside of a piece of bread just because you're holding it the wrong way up.

This topic has made me thirsty.


The top obviously. It would be senseless to assume otherwise. :D


Staff member
Hmmmmm... Good question. I think I agree that the chocolate is on the bottom!

The writing is on the top, so ergo the chocolate is on the bottom.

When I do a handstand (well, when I USED to do handstands), by arse faced the sky, but it didn't make it my head. Just because something is upside down, doesn't make the bottom the top.

However, chocolate digestives are a different type of biscuit to normal digestives (well, I have them list seperately on my BC (Biscuit Count)). So, could the fact that as they come from a different packet, and the natural state for a chocolate digestive is upside down, should you then recatagorise the top and bottom?

The chocolate, when added to the bottom of a digestive reverses the poles and creates an entriely new eating experiencing flipped over?

I think so! If you put your own chocolate onto a digestive, it goes on the bottom. If you buy chocolate digestives, then the writing is on the bottom as that is the natural way up for a chocolate digestive :)


Mega Poster
The cocoalate is on the bottem, as it has been mentioned, the writing is on the top of a normal , so why would a chocolate one be any different.

although i do eat them upside down though, to prevent chocolate bits falling and melting on me.


Roller Poster
On top, because a chocolate digestive is a standard digestive covered in chocolate. To "cover" something, you have to put stuff on top of it. If the chocolate is on the bottom, it would be laid in chocolate. It doesn't matter what way up the digestive was before they covered it, by covering it, they define the covered side to be the top.