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Chessington:WoA | Zufari | Track Ride

Martyn B

CF Legend
Looks good, though it's a shame that the cabin and all the crap on top is going to block off the view in front.

Though I suppose that doesn't matter so much unles you're at the front.


Giga Poster
I really like the idea and look of this addition, hope it turns out well!

I think it would be interesting to know what you locals think about this new ride?

Martyn B

CF Legend
Do you mean local residents, who will moan about everything? Or coaster enthusiasts.... who will moan about everything? :p

Martyn B

CF Legend
An update from themeuk.net:








Looking good! I'm actually fairly excited for this...


CF Legend
I'm still intrigued as to whether it'll be properly thrilling like Magma 2 in Italy, or if it's actually going to be a boring safari ride. We'll see.

Mysterious Sue

Strata Poster
It'll never be as good as Magma 2 because Chessington has actual health and safety and isn't run by the maffia!
Looks good though. Do you suppose it'll be an extra charge to ride?


CF Legend
^Na, this won't be an extra charge.

It'll be great if you love animals, will suck if you've been to Animal Kingdom because this will have less animals and will feel deceived when the 'ride' element is turd. (I hope I'm wrong on that last point)

Btw, Giraffes have now arrived, they have 4. So, just awaiting the Flamingos now (how exciting) :roll: .