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CF Lives 2018

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I'll be there for the Saturday at Toverland with my other half. Aside from that we'll be doing Efteling on the Friday and a bit of Amsterdam sightseeing for a couple of days.


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Is there an alton fireworks live this year? Tried to sift through the thread but there's a lot of stuff here!


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I am in Sweden the weekend of the Alton fireworks so I won't be doing it. But I can set a topic up for people to plan when I get home from The Netherlands?


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Its with regret that I can’t do Alton this year. I don’t have the leave to take on Monday, and I’m off the the USA later that week so need to channel my funds to that. If anybody would like to organise it, I’m open to suggestions!


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Rather than start a new thread; is there any consensus as to when next year's CF lives are decided upon?

My work requires an unhealthy amount of notice for holiday and I'm keen to get to what would be my first meetup with the gang!

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Dates aren't usually posted til around the new year, but planning takes place any time, really. For locations, we usually just throw whatever we think could work out there and see if people are able to do it. Although I'm near certain of an early season Blackpool meet up and an Alton fireworks one. Everything else would usually coincide with a major-ish new ride opening. But again, see what people want.

Btw GAm-IndyBeach-HW-KK sounds pretty nifty if you ask me about a potential US Live.

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