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Camping; what are your thoughts?

Camping; what are your thoughts?

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I love a bit of glamping, got a massive bell......tent myself, not been for a couple of years though, need to get the friends to commit in 2024.

Always blow up mattresses, actual bedding and pillows, plenty of rugs and cushions.

Fire, bbq food, tunes, cider.....



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I really hate camping in tents and honestly don't understand it at all. My home has all the creature comforts, why would I consciously downgrade my standard of living to a tent and enjoy it. It just makes no sense. I understand living in a tent if that is the best you can have, for example some homeless people or people living in shacks or tent cities. But, if I own a bed, a toilet, a shower, running water, electricity, etc. Then why would I leave them behind and live without them? For me, no destination can warrant my sacrifices to have to live without basic creature comforts.

Though, I am not against camping in RVs, cottages, boats and caravans. Some can be quite enjoyable and have good standards.

I have also stayed in tents for one night when out with friends, but that's really for the company and we would just stay up all night instead of sleeping in the tent. It's comparable to falling asleep on a couch or even on the floor at a party.


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Camping is absolutely amazing. Except the actual camping.


Being outdoors in remote places.
Hanging out with friends.
BBQs and campfires.


Sleeping in a tent.
Needing to poo.

Basically, camping is why ‘indoors’ was invented.
yes this is true. Camping with your friends and enjoy the scenery and being at peace with nature.

Nicky Borrill

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Dunno how I missed this thread the first time around, but HELL YES to camping, especially wild camping...

Nothing better than hiking up to the top of a Tor on Dartmoor, the Lake District or the Peak District and pitching up, watching the sun set, enjoying clear views of the night skies that you just won't get anywhere near civilisation, and then making sure you're awake for the most amazing sunrises. Nothing better than leaving your mobile phone, worries, and stresses behind and spending some time back to basics with nature, sourcing water and filtering it, crafting tools etc.

Here's some pictures I've taken on camps over literally just the last month or so... These camps were in the Derbyshire and Staffordshire parts of the Peak District, as well as Dartmoor in Devon.

(Note: We didn't illegally wild camp in the Peak District, as it's a bit sketchy at the moment, the land owners there are still annoyed by all the fly camping and nuisance camping that took place during the covid years. Fly camping and Nuisance camping is where people don't follow the wild camping code, i.e, pitch up high, away from roads and houses, leave no trace, small groups no bigger than 4 people, arrive late and leave early etc.... During lockdown, big groups were going into the peaks, basically having 'parties' and fires, then leaving all of their mess... This isn't wild camping, it's a nuisance, and you shouldn't do it!! Real wild camping, following the code of conduct, is legal on Dartmoor, kind of legal in the lake district, and legal in Scotland. Labour plan to legalise it, with a code of conduct, on every national park. :) )














Of course I also love hotel rooms, caravans, motorhomes, rollercoaster trips, hiking trips, city breaks, beach holidays and just about anything that get's me out of the house really... Essentially I yearn for a nomadic life, but responsibilities and financial constraints mean I have to have one of those disgusting 'home and job' combinations to go back to more often than I'd like...
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