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Camelot- Help!


Does anybody know how to get to Camelot from Chorley? Like maybe at the railway station. Do you think there might be a bus like there is with Alton Towers and how much do you think a taxi would cost? I need to get to this park one last time haha. Thanks :D


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http://www.camelotthemepark.co.uk/3429/ ... tions.aspx

The web site is pretty pants for public transport information. I had a quick look at the links they provide, but they're pretty useless.

I very much doubt there's a bus like there is for AT/Thorpe.

However, as I'm in a good mood, I've done some planning for you!

This web site is brill for public transport: http://www.traveline.org.uk/index.htm (I suggest anybody unlucky enough to use public transport saves it as a favourite!)

I did a search for a Saturday, looks like you need to get the Number 7 Stagecoach service from Chorley rail station, getting off at Charnock Richard Park Hall Entrance, followed by a walk along the road to the park. Takes about 30 mins all in all.

I would use that site for the day you're going, as the bus services may differ.


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As I remember you get the bus from the Interchange (Bus station) in Chorley which is directly across the road from the train station. Then as Ian said the bus leaves you off close to the park. Just watch out for the bus returning to Chorley from the park as they are not very frequent as I recall.

I guess you could easily grab a taxi from the Interchange (Bus station) too.