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Busch Gardens Williamsburg | Pantheon | Intamin LSM Coaster | 2022


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I'm a bit disappointed by the short length, but this should be a great addition to the park. The 300 foot spike will be incredible.
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Um, guys, it's not a giga coaster. On TPR Forums, Tempesto's height permit was filed for 240 feet above grade (and that ended up only being 150 feet). Using that same logic this ride would only be 225 feet tall, still a very impressive and thrilling ride. On another topic I don't think this coaster will have inversions; I compared the leaked slide (76mph, 315 feet high, May 2020 one) images to this layout overhead and there appears to be a small airtime hill going above the first launch bit, the spike (obviously), a confirmed top hat and then after the dive onto the Rhine it will ascend into a large overbank before making its way back to the station.


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I think this ride will only run two trains.

First of all, it doesn't look to have a very long layout, compared to that of the Parc Astérix launch coaster anyway.

Secondly, it only appears to have one maintenance bay, which is around the same size of the station:-

Unless the station is a separate load/offload station (it possibly could) this ride will likely only have two trains.

EDIT:- Here is a view of how the new area will be accessed:-
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If it's anything like Soaring with Dragon, BGW are on to a winner. Length isn't as issue, as the pacing is just so on point. That coaster is brilliant and something that even vaguely resembles it is great to see.


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So... The entire layout with all the elements and profiles has been discovered:-


The ride will have 2 inversions, many airtime moments, turns, and 2 trains with 20 riders each, that will use the Taron restraints. The ride, however, looks to use Intamin's I305/SWD track design, instead of Taron/PA 2021 coaster use.



Layout run-through:-

1:- The Station.

2:- S-Curve.

3:- First Launch.

4:- Zero-G Winder.

5:- Ravine Turn.

6:- Outward-Banked Turn (Left).

7:- Outward-Banked Turn (Right).

8:- Track Switch.

9:- Second Launch.

10:- Spike.

11:- Top Hat.

12:- Rhine River Drop.

13:- High-Speed Turn.

14:- Outward-Banked Airtime Hill.

15:- Terrain-Hugging Turn.

16:- Inverted Airtime Hill.

17:- Ground-Hugging Turn.

18:- S-Curve.

19:- Wall Stall.

20:- Final Brake Run.

This will be an absolutely phenomenal coaster when it opens. I absolutely CANNOT wait until it opens!

Many more pictures and information can be found using this link, and the link at the start of this post.
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Looks like a stunning ride, not the longest track length (but not short by any means) and going through the launch section 3 times will help with ride time.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate SeaWorld next year:

-Intamin Multi Launch Coaster
-B&M Dive Coaster
-RMC Hyper Hybrid Coaster
-Premier (?) Launch Coaster
-GCI (?) Wooden Coaster



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I cannot wait for this to open next year I'll definitely be going for opening! Finally Taron restraints will be in the US! 2020 will be a great year for Intamin in the US with this and the Jurassic Park coaster at IOA.


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Damn, it does look good. I reckon the length will be fine, thanks to the spike section increasing the ride time.

Still not wholly sold on spike sections being mid-ride, but can't deny that it does look like it'll be fantastic, so can't complain.

The ride, however, looks to use Intamin's I305/SWD track design, instead of Taron/PA 2020 coaster use.

I'm racking my brains and I can't for the life of me figure out which park you're referring to here. Have I missed another exciting Intamin?!


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300ft top hat or neat that? Christ! If that turns out to be true. This looks fun!

My only criticism of the ride would be that this is yet another "dead end" ride/land. I feel like Tempesto and this are only in that dead end where Apollo is to try and unnaturally increase traffic into that land. There must be a better way. It should loop round better. The park is otherwise pretty much a loop and straying to ride Apollo (lets be honest aint no one straying to ride Roman Rapids or Tempesto) is a burden, frankly. And that is the worst looking part of the park, too. I don't want to be there for any longer than it takes to ride Apollo. Which is often dead, because NO one crosses that bridge unless they know whats down there.

Also, can we just appreciate how great BGWFans are? Doing god's work.


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300ft top hat or neat that? Christ! If that turns out to be true. This looks fun!
I read it as a 300ft drop, so maybe using a lot of the terrain to achieve that? The huge turns (#13 on those plans) suggest it's going to be screaming through that bit of the layout.