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Break in period?


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An interesting point came to my attention in one of the other threads...

Do coasters have a break in period? You know, a certain amount of time the ride is given to wear new parts into functioning order, before excessive loads (weight) are put on the ride?

It seems like something like a ride or coaster would need some time before it opens to the public to wear parts in before it can become operational.

With a brand new engine, be it a car, airplane, jet, ect. there is a certain amount of time the manufacturer has set for the engine to be broken in, or basically seat all of the parts correctly inside to let the motor perform its best, so that is why I am wondering if maybe rides need a break in period.


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I'd have thought that was partly the reason for test runs too. Not only does it allow the engineers to check everything is working correctly with the coaster, it also allows the trains (and all the other mechanisms) to be 'broken in'.

When the park opens the coaster, they want to be able to run it at full capacity straight away, so bedding in must be part of the testing process.

(Also, shouldn't this be in Q&A?)


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Social Media Team
Yeah, I sometimes have a break in period as well, where it stops bleeding for a few days and then comes back.
Yes and no, all new rides get a long initial testing period before they can open to the public. However, these tests are done at full weight capacity etc to stress the ride to its limits. It is a time when a ride shows its true colours and if anything is going to fail, then that is when it should happen.