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Didn't they get rid of Bling and Spin Doctor because of crap capacity? Or at least partly because of crap capacity?


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^ Apparently so. Spin Doctor went due to bad capacity - Bling went due to cost of maintenance if I can remember correctly? It was closed more than a militant feminist's legs.


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OK, as instructed,
I have re-read what I have written,
and stand by all I said.
Have you seen the racks (and racks!) of qbots at the Beach,
I have,they have masses of them,
and they are unlimited because they also allow you to use a smartphone mobile on Speedypass. Fact.
The Pleasure Beach has never knowingly turned down punters money,
and I have never heard the expression Speedypass is full, ever.
The new ride has been confirmed to be on the Speedypass system, as a bolt on.
Read the leaflet, or go on the website. Fact.

Spin Doctor had three hour queues, repeatedly, and generated large numbers of complaints at the time. Fact.
I was there, repeatedly, chuckling at the queue length, knowing the capacity and throughput. All summer.

Give it a few weeks, and the new ride will be open, then we will see who is correct.
Watching the queue will be more fun than riding the ride,
and I will give feedback on here about the queuetime.
And if I'm wrong, I will admit it.


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By placing fact on the end of every sentence doesn't make what your saying a fact.

Then if you read what I put I said I can't see the new ride being on the speedy pass, not that it wouldn't. Fact.

Also why would you enjoy watching a queue more than a ride, that just comes across as strange that you enjoy other peoples sadness.


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Firstly, I didn't put the word fact on the end of any sentence,
it was an extra sentence, and I only did it three times in total, not every sentence.
And that is a fact!

Secondly, I am strange, and we all enjoy other peoples sadness at times,
sad films, sad songs, sad plays,and sad ride queues.
This long ride queue will make me happy because it will probably make the coaster queues shorter.

What facts are you saying are incorrect?
Some of your opinions are incorrect, and have been highlighted as such.

Bored with this now...
bring on the new ride so we can all have a chuckle at the queue.

Martyn B

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So BPB is another park starting to rely on the fast pass system...

What on earth is going to be like visiting parks in like 10 years?! We'll be paying to get in, then paying for each ride!

(Not that I ever implicated such ludicrous pricing structures on RCT1.... ;) )


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And don't forget the car park at most parks, especially Merlin...

Pay to get out as well!

The basic pass is not so bad at Blackpool, there is no queuejumping,
you just wait your turn away from the ride (in the bar!),
it is the VIP passes that cause the real problems.


Is BPB getting that crowded? I visited last year late May on a weekday and everything was a walk-on - even the Wild Mouse. I guess if one avoids the UK school holidays you can skip the fastpass easily. And as I come from a right-way traffic country I skip driving in the UK - they have a good public transport system. Got in to Blackpool Main Station, walked a fre hundred meters to the beach and then took the tram right to the BPB entrance.

What I personally found weird that the security guards checking your bags had machine guns and bulletproof vests. Is Blackpool really that a dangerouse place? Could it have been that a terror alert was in place I did not know about as during holidays I try to not listen or view any news? I never even experienced this in the US.


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No machine guns!
Not ever!
Walkie talkies and hand held metal scanners, but no guns at all.
It is rare to see guns openly in the street here, usually only at airports or in the centre of London,
by specially trained police.
Security staff are not allowed to carry weapons at all.
They check as much for packed lunches as weapons!
Taking your own food in is not allowed.
Outside the school holidays the park is generally pretty quiet on weekdays.


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Well the fact that PBB's Q Bot system isn't owned by them and is a separate company they commission to run the system, they've gotta make it pay somehow.


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Official opening is 25th May.



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Here is a video I shot earlier of Skyforce testing with its first riders, the Blackpool Pleasure Beach Engineers:




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I love these things and that actually looks really good with the red arrow Hawk on the back.


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Me and a friend went to the park in November, we then decided to see how much the Pasaje was; thought it was too expensive so we went back to the park to ride more stuff. We were still searched by security when we re-entered - even though the person who searched us stamped our hands literally a minute before and could see exactly what we were doing.

Great to see that vertical construction had started, when we went is was just a flat concrete (or dirt) ground. Think I'll give this ride a miss though I bet the queues will get horrendous!


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Rode this for the first time today, twice.
No queue at all, walk on both times,
ride ran half full.
Park was very quiet.
Quite easy to get it looping, especially as there was a strong onshore breeze to fly in to.
Stopped it looping after about ten loops.
Enough is enough.
Had long queues at the (bank holiday) weekend.
Not my type of ride really,
give me a coaster anyday!
Will post the queuetimes in the summer when it gets silly,
queueline is nasty cattlepen chains,
not even anything to look at as it is behind a waiting shed.
Speedypass is a bolt on at £3 on top of the basic £15 cost.
Not worth more than a ten minut wait.
Throughput looks about 100 per hour.
One to avoid on busy days without a doubt.


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Went on this yesterday.

Absolutely the best fun I've had on a flat ride possibly ever, helped by the fact you're dictating your own ride.

There was little wind but, being on the outside, managed to get it into a spin fairly easily. Had it whizzing around super fast for a couple of rotations and took a break, had another go then it was time for the ride to stop.

Great ride, great idea. Good job they hid it at the back re the capacity though. But at least it is fast to load and get in/out of a cycle unlike many a flat ride.

I'd love to see this idea incorporated into a jumbo-style ride, so you could not only spin but also use the controls to go up and down as you liked.


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Just to tickle this thread back up...
prefer a tickle to a bump.
Skyforce hasn't had three hour queues this summer,
so credit to you "owentaylorlotsofnumbers",
you win in the queue debate.

Queue been around the two hour mark on busy days, but not worth that amount of wait.
So Scott was the one on the mark with queue projections.

The ride now has a scoreboard for the number of loops per seat in the exit shop,
with daily and monthly high scores.
Many get into the fifties and above,
I've had enough with about ten loops.
Good filler attraction,
but give me a coaster anyday.