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Boulder Dash VS Voyage

Which do you prefer?

  • Boulder Dash, Lake Compounce

    Votes: 10 58.8%
  • Voyage, the, Holiday World

    Votes: 7 41.2%

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Right, OK, I haven't done one of these for quite a while, but now its...

Boulder Dash VS Voyage

Two of the best wooden coasters on the planet battle it out for coaster supremacy. Has the timeless, classic woodie Boulder Dash finally met its match?I sometimes wonder if these two even need an introduction...

Boulder Dash, Lake compounce

What can I say about Boulder Dash? This legendary beast is widely regarded as the best terrain coaster that the world has to offer, featuring high speed turns and drops, never straying a few feet from the groung and packed with airtime. Probably the No.1 coaster for coaster enthusiasts around the world.


Roller Coaster: Boulder Dash
Amusement Park: Lake Compounce (Bristol, Connecticut, USA)
Classification: Roller Coaster
Type: Wood - Sit Down
Status: Operating since 5/21/2000
Builder: Custom Coasters International, Inc.
Designer: Larry Bill
Track layout: Terrain
Cost: $6,000,000 USD
Length: 4725'
Drop: 115'
Inversions: 0
Speed: 60 mph
Duration: 2:30
Trains: 2 trains with 6 cars per train. Riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows for a total of 24 riders per train.
Built by: Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters, Inc.
Notes: The Boulder Dash is expected to use the former trains from the Hersheypark Wildcat starting in 2008.







This fantastic terrain woodie is considered the best coaster on the planet by the majority of Coasterforce members. Ride it once & you'll likely agree.
Watch in high definition.

The Voyage, Holiday World

A twist on the classic wooden coaster the Voyage is an epic hybrid of both wood and steel, with twisted wooden track and sturdy steel supports, and is virtually the official No.1 coaster on the planet, often topping the many lists. In another sense, its a hybrid of a classic out and back woodie, with plenty of giant hills, yet high speed turns close to the ground and even a few spots of 90 degree banking.


Roller Coaster: Voyage (The)
Amusement Park: Holiday World (Santa Claus, Indiana, USA)
Classification: Roller Coaster
Type: Wood - Sit Down
Status: Operating since 5/6/2006
Designer: The Gravity Group, LLC
Categories: Hybrid (Steel Structure)
Maps: Bing Maps (Satellite) · Google Maps (Satellite)
Cost: $8,500,000 USD
Capacity: 1200 riders per hour
Length: 6442'
Height: 163'
Drop: 154'
Inversions: 0
Speed: 67.4 mph
Duration: 2:45
Max Vertical Angle: 66 Degrees
Elements: 163' tall Lift Hill with a 154' drop at 66.0°
Hill with a 107' drop
Hill with a 100' drop
Trains: 2 trains with 7 cars per train. Riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows for a total of 28 riders per train.
Built by: Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters, Inc.








So which do you think is best?

Please reply! :--D


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Haven't been on any, but judging on the POVs I would say Boulder Dash.
And have a tip, when you put 'please reply' at the end of your topics, it makes people not want to reply...


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Now my ears have recovered from the screaming in The Voyage pov I vote Balder Dash.

Even on a POV you can see just how much airtime it has.


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I still really want Voyage in my life, but, from looking at the videos, I don't think it'd be better than Boulder Dash.

I'd still really like it though ^_^


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Unlike the usual "which turd do you prefer" polls, this one's more difficult. Like Ben, I really want to ride The Voyage, just for the experience of such a massive coaster. I think, as Joey has said, it's the kind of coaster that loses you through fatigue though. Sometimes less is more.

I'd struggle to imagine any ride being quite a "perfect" as Boulder Dash in terms of pacing, airtime, etc. It's just got everything spot on.

The first photo of Boulder Dash, those people are about to get some fantastic air and hit the superb woods section. Another tell is the front facing photos. On the Voyage, at 90 degrees everyone has a vague smile, but just going along a normal bit of track on Boulder Dash, everyone has their arms up and is clearly enjoying themselves a LOT more. So, from the photos it's clear BD is the winner.


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I really want to vote Voyage now since it's epic and to give it half a chance since everyone else on the site seems to cream over Boulder Dash, but I haven't ridden BD yet and the airtime does look awesome from the POV so i'm reserving judgement until i've done both.
Having said that I can't see my vote changing, even if BD has the best aritime ever, I love the tunnels and the banking on Voyage and the sheer length of the ride sets it apart IMO.


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furie said:
Unlike the usual "which turd do you prefer" polls

Thanks Furie!

I haven't ridden either but...
I vote Voyage.
All the stats seem to point its way, its got airtime hills, a much longer ride experience, 90 degree banking and a small little terrain section.

Voyage also has underground dives! <3


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^But, if you're going by statistics, surely the fact that Boulder Dash tops pretty much every enthusiasts list puts it above Voyage?

Haven't ridden either <///3


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That would have worked better if you hadn't linked to some of the worst polls ever carried out...


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UC said:
Boulderdash has, quite simply, the absolute best second half of any coaster I've ever ridden.

I preferred the first half, but the second half is an excellent supporting act :) I much prefer twisting through the trees and "shock" airtime though to a straight run up and down. Though it's a bit like "Here's a million and one dollars followed by a million dollars". The first offering is slightly better, but it's really irrelevant overall :lol:
I don't get all the slander towards Voyage? I haven't ridden Boulder Dash yet (will in June though woo), but Voyage is my number one right now basically on par with Toro. I don't get the whole fatigue argument, it's an incredible ride that keeps its pacing from start to finish, and I didn't find it took THAT much of a physical toll. If you ride it twenty times in a row, sure, but if you do it in moderation then there's nothing to complain about. It has amazing airtime, amazing pacing, and in my opinion it's basically everything a coaster should be. Wish I got to try out the new trains though!

That being said, I think I will like Boulder Dash better, but I can't see it blowing EVERYTHING out of the water.