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Black Diamond for Knoebels - construction walk-thru


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Curious because I'm ignorant, but why does it take Knoebels a million years to do anything?

They were constructing this when I went in June 2010 and it looked like it had already been going on a while...

I predict fanboys going "because they do it properly". But, seriously, is it lack of funds or are they genuinely unlucky or do they pick difficult projects? What is it?

Well Knoebels will have two new coasters for 2011: Black Diamond and Flying Turns, and that will make the Live and the park even better!


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Don't get your hopes up too high for Flying Turns. :wink:

Joey, it always takes Knoebels longer to build their rides because they do it in-house. Other parks hire construction crews, designers, engineers, etc. to get the job done, but Knoebels uses their own staff for just about everything. The Knoebel family owns a huge lumber company as well, so that also cuts costs way down.


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This does look great fun and I love quirky rides like this. :)

Reminds me of this CREDIT in Blackpool. :p


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Yes, Roller Coaster Oliver, we had that discussion on the last page.

Mr Nash

It's been so long,I'd completly forgotten about this.

Did the flood waters affect this at all?,I know the park got flooded,but not sure which areas got affected.

Be a shame to see this get any further set backs.