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Best floorless


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1. Dominator for me. Not the most intense but it has a lovely flow to the elements, nice and smooth, very fast and floaty, great roar... a fab all-rounder.
2. Kraken. It was my first floorless so it's been a while, but I remember loving it.
3. Bizarro. I found this one to be the most intense. Good stuff.
4. Scream! Solid coaster, crap car-park location.
5. Rougarou. Ok I guess, but in that park it just doesn't stand out. At all.
Kraken- Comfortably the best one for me, may be remembering better than it was but really enjoyed it at the time

Hydra- Like the roll at the beggining but found it really force less like most of these
Bizarro- Boring and the effects weren't on
Batman SFNE- best part was the op making the wooping noise of Coco that says a lot

Rougarou- Might as well have went for a walk


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Yay list threads!

  1. Dominator - It's a 0-g roll away from being perfect. The flow and forces that the first half of the ride offers put it at the top.
  2. Kraken - It was running phenomenally this past spring. Really intense!
  3. Rougarou - The bigger standups had some excellent layouts. The ride still has old school intensity but is more comfortable due to being seated now.
  4. Medusa - It's fairly similar to Kraken aside from the ending. It wasn't mind blowing but it was quite enjoyable.
  5. Bizarro - Rode it back in 2009 so my opinion is dated. I remember it being smooth and packing a pretty good punch, but not as much as those listed above it.
  6. Batman: The Dark Knight - Good ride. There's nothing wrong with it aside from its size.
  7. Scream! - My last ride on it was rattly garbage and the low zones felt like diving into an oven due to the blacktop.
  8. Patriot - I can't imagine this ride as a standup. It was already relatively rough last summer and the layout was not exciting at all. Unfortunately, its conversion didn't breathe any new life into the ride.

  1. Superman: Krypton Coaster
  2. Dominator
  3. Kraken
  4. Rougarou
  5. Medusa
  6. Bizarro
  7. Batman: The Dark Knight
  8. Scream!
  9. Patriot
Krypton Coaster. No contest.


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Kraken - SeaWorld Orlando
Dominator - Kings Dominion
Bizarro - Six Flags Great Adventure
Medusa - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Scream - Six Flags Magic Mountain
Hair Raiser - Ocean Park
Insane Speed - Janfusun Fancyworld
Rougarou - Cedar Point
Daemonen - Tivoli Gardens
Hydra - Dorney Park


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I’m like...

Dark Knight

Only needing Firebird and Kraken to clean out the set domestically, though I’ve been told neither are pleasant experiences, which I believe at least as for Firebird given how awful Apocalypse was. So I think the high rankings I give Superman and Hydra and Medusa are pretty safe.


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1. Rougarou / Superman Krypton Coaster
2. Daemonen
3. Dominator
4. Bizarro
5. Medusa
6. Scream
7. Kraken
8. Dark Knight
9. Patriot