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Best coaster in the Netherlands?

Which is the best coaster of the Netherlands?

  • Troy

    Votes: 3 33.3%
  • Joris en de Draak

    Votes: 1 11.1%
  • Goliath

    Votes: 5 55.6%
  • Formule X

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Vliegende Hollander

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters


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I like polls so why not throw out another one? :) The Netherlands doeas albeit it's relative small size boast with some world class coasters! But which is the best? I've picked the top 4 wood/steel coasters from Mitch Hawker and Vliegende Hollander (which is a personal favourite of mine) as a wild card. Let the poll begin!

32 m Height
1077 m Length
87 km/h Speed
Wooden coaster located at Toverland.

Joris en de Draak
22 m Height
788 m Length
75 km/h Speed
Duelling wooden coaster located at Efteling.

47 m Height
1214 m Length
106 km/h Speed
Steel coaster located at Walibi Holland.

Formule X
Maurer Söhne
15 m Height
355 m Length
70 km/h Speed
Steel launch coaster located at Drievliet.

Vliegende Hollander
KumbaK (Intamin has made some work on the ride as well)
22.5 m Height
420 m Length
70 km/h Speed
Water coaster with dark ride section, located at Efteling.


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Dificult to say having only been on 2 of them!

Troy - (ridden) The ultimate proof that a family ride needn't be boring, a really well designed ride which I could happily sit on for hours!

Joris - looks pretty close with troy from the povs

Goliath - from the Povs is looks exceptional

Formule X - Looks a total borefest from that video...

Hollander (ridden) - great theming, nice indoor bit, but overall ride is a bit tame


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I've been on all of them because I'm amazing.

1. Goliath - great ride. Thoroughly enjoyed it, though I think some people overate it a bit to be honest.

2. Troy - Very close 2nd actually. Really like this one as well.

3. Formule X - I was expecting it to be awful, but it's a lot of fun

4. Joris en de Draak - I wanted to love it. It's good, but not great

5. Vliegende Hollander - Purely based on the "coaster" aspect here. It's a better overall ride than Joris and Formule X, but that comes down purely to the "dark ride" elements and not the actual coaster.


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Right, lets go through that list -
Troy - Amazeballs. There aren't enough lessthanthree's in the world. But here's one anyway... <3
Joris en de Draak - These should be great. Trouble is, I was in so much pain from that stupid assualt course thing at Toverland the day before that, no matter how good, I just couldn't enjoy it. I'd love to ride them again to be able to form a better opinion.
Goliath - The only one on this list that I've never ridden :(
Formule X - Actual love for this coaster. It should be crap, but it really isn't. At all.
Vliegende Hollander - This deserves +100 bonus points for the station theming alone. Apart from that, as others have said the dark ride part is epic, but the actual coaster section is utter turdio. I don't think I've ever experienced sideways hangtime before, and the final drop leaves you with no other thought than "was that it?!"

Therefore (taking into account that I've never ridden Goliath, so am having to exclude it from my decision) - Troy (TROY!) wins.


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Nic said:
Troy (TROY!)

Ha, was waiting for that ;]

Yeah, the actual coaster portion of The Flying Dutchman is poo, we almost didn't make it around the course on one run, slooooooowwww. However, the special effects are spectacular, the scene with the mist <3


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Erm, the only one I've done in the Netherlands is that POS in The Amsterdam Dungeon.

Going on the POVs and past experience riding similar coasters, the one that I think looks like the most fun is Formule X.


I have been on them all but Troy stole my heart since a trip back in 2007..
Dont get me wrong Goliath would be a worthy winner but Im going with heart over head on this one.

I actually really enjoyed Formule X and love the fact there is no pause for the launch. The fly wheel power storage system is very clever too, that way there is no spike in the parks power consumption. Shame it is so short. I will admit to being a bit of a closet X-car fan..


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^X Cars are actually really decent, yeah.

A lot of people label them as **** based on one very unfortunate example: G-Force.

The problem is that G-Force is the only X Car that a lot of people here have ridden, and so the whole ride type "suffers" in discussions here because of it.

Martyn B

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I think I'm the only member on here (out of the 1800), who actually LOVES G-Force!

As Jake would say, amazeballs!


Add me to the fan club Martyn.... I love G-Force
The lift loop is such great fun what with the X-car restraints and hang time. Its fast, furious and fun. I am a big lad (FATTY) and i find it comfortable.

Plus it roarrrrrrrrrrs !! Its a ride that just does the job..