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Best and Worst Airports


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East Midlands




Gothenberg Landvetter


Gran Canaria
Tenerife North



Euroairport Freiburg Basel Mulhouse whatever


Luxembourg City


Still loathe Stansted with an absolute passion. Horrible to get to, always far too busy for what it can handle at security, at departures, at the gate. Fortunately not had to ride the stupid ****ing tram on my last few visits. At least passport control finally had all their e-passport scanners open yesterday because the last few times they've had 2/3rd's shut.

Oslo Gardemoen was brilliant, easy to navigate, clean, spacious, loads of food options at every area of the airport, and the transport option all linked in the one building.

Don''t think I commented on just how god-awful Faro airport was too, the actual building looks very impressive but it wasn't ****ing finished so we walked out of arrivals into a marquee tent to sort out transfers etc...with piss-leaking portakabins propped up alongside.
Adding a few for future reference.

Prague was decent enough, bit of a pain to get to the City Center but it was clean and easy to navigate.

Burgos in Bulgaria was tiny, run down and I'm glad I didn't have to spend more time than I needed to.

Budapest I can literally remember nothing about. At all.

Bratislava airport I didn't mind. It was ****ing tiny and stuff only opened for a few hours a day but it was modern, clean, and had plenty of toilets. Guess I've been spoilt with more modern airports having a multitude of connections to the city as opposed to queueing for an hour to get a bus.

Kos. Possibly the worst airport I've had the misfortune of using overseas. It's tiny, you have to queue outside the terminal, you have to queue to get your baggage tagged, then queue again to deposit it, and then there's enough seats for about a third of a RyanAir flight, with no air conditioning.

Valencia. Clean, modern, plenty to do.

Heathrow. Flew from terminal four. Typical nightmare M25 journey to get there. Lounge was good.

Fortaleza. Will be very nice when it's finished. If it's finished. Very much a domestic airport and geared as such.

Paris CDG. Horrible. Stupid transit systems, even more stupid labelling and naming, stupid security systems. At least the Skyteam Lounge is decent.


LAX is terrible. Unless LAX is a nonstop option for you and no other airport is, it's always better to fly into Long Beach or Burbank. I've gotten to Long Beach 20 minutes before my flight took off and made it on the plane because it's small, the parking is right there and cheap, and security almost always is less than 5 minutes. So, if you're going to have a layover anyway or there's a nonstop to LGB, take it. And it's actually usually closer to where you're going in the Greater LA area than LAX is. You are welcome.

Which I guess tells you what my favorite is -- LGB. They board and deplane through the front and back doors of the plane so it's super fast, there's a nice outdoor courtyard with palm trees, it's just the best.

My favorite experience in an airport was in Bucharest when I figured out where the departures were because the sign said Plecari and I realized that's like "vrei sa pleci" in Dragostea din Tei, "you want to leave," ohhhh.....
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Oh tell me about it! I have had to wait for some people faff about getting their laptops etc. out of their bags, as they were not prepared. If I see a queue and people faffing about, I am not a happy bunny. Happens on a daily basis too -_-

posting from somewhere in the world...
To be fair... The amount of personal electronic devices I travel with, I have no choice but to do it at the counter :/ Don’t have enough hands to carry them all! surprised it’s not the same for you...

What gets my goat is people not sorting their liquids!!! No your makeup bag is not a clear plastic bag!!! Yes your mascara is a liquid... No you’re not going to fit that litre bottle of Pantene into the plastic bag and the max is 100ml anyway!!! FFS people, it’s not difficult!!!


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I went to an airport in Indonesia where airport security was literally a freestanding wall with a hole in it. Do I win?

Actually, I'd rather pass my luggage through that wall for all eternity than take a single trip to London Stansted. Or, rather, "London" Stansted. Since it's nowhere near London.

Looking at Google maps, Stansted Airport is near 'Takely', so it should be called 'Takely Airport'. Which would be apt, because its takes the ****ing ****.