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Battle Of Britain: Alton Towers VS Thorpe Park

Battle Of Britain: Alton Towers VS Thorpe Park

  • Alton Towers

    Votes: 13 61.9%
  • Thorpe Park

    Votes: 8 38.1%

  • Total voters


Roller Poster
Air VS The Swarm
Nemesis VS Nemesis Inferno
Oblivion VS X:/ No Way Out
Rita VS Stealth
Runaway Mine Train VS Flying Fish
Sonic Spinball VS Colossus
Th13teen VS Saw


Roller Poster
Air VS The Swarm: The Swarm - Has much better theming and is taller and faster.
Nemesis VS Nemesis Inferno: Nemesis Inferno - Yes Nemesis has great landscape but it lacks height and speed.
Oblivion VS X:/ No Way Out: Oblivion - No combertition really just a better overall Roller Coaster
Rita VS Stealth: Stealth - The fastest Roller Coaster in the UK boasts speed and height when Rita does not.
Runaway Mine Train VS Flying Fish: Runaway Mine Train - Taller, faster and longer means it thrashes the junior.
Sonic Spinball VS Colossus: Colossus - These rides both make you dizzy but inversions mean Colossus wins.
Th13teen VS Saw: Saw - Th13teen is a disapointment, Saw is not its fun and has a great indoor section.

Overall Winner: Thorpe Park


Giga Poster
Air vs Swarm: This is a hard one but maybe Air because it feels like more of a ride plus I really like flyers.

Nemesis vs Nemesis Inferno: Nemesis by far because it has major intensity, great terrain and major whipping.

Oblivion vs X:/No Way Out: Oblivion because the other ones just a little coaster in the dark.

Rita vs Stealth: Stealth has the better launch and is more thrilling and addictive.

Runaway Mine Train vs Flying Fish: Runaway Mine Train easily wins because it is longer and has nice landscaping

Sonic Spinball vs Colossus: Spinballs a nice family coaster but Colossus is my favourite ride at thorpe.

Thirteen vs Saw: This is a very tough choice. Saw is rough but thrilling whereas Thirteen is boring but smooth. I would have to go with Saw.

Alton Towers just wins the coaster show downs and is my preferred park because of the lovely landscaping but my 4 favourite coasters at thorpe are better than my favourite 4 coasters at Alton.


Strata Poster
Air VS The Swarm
100% The Swarm
Nemesis VS Nemesis Inferno
Oblivion VS X:/ No Way Out
Oblivion just gets it
Rita VS Stealth
Runaway Mine Train VS Flying Fish
Mine train all the way!
Sonic Spinball VS Colossus
Spinball is meh Colossus is amazing, Colossua
Th13teen VS Saw
Tough one, Saw.


Matt SR
Staff member
Social Media Team
Air VS The Swarm: The Swarm

Thorpe Park: 1 Alton Tower: 0

Nemesis VS Nemesis Inferno: There is a reason why NI is a copy of Nemesis.

Thorpe Park: 1 Alton Tower: 1

Oblivion VS X:/ No Way Out: I still have yet to fully understand what X does, but I am sure Oblivion trumps the ride experience.

Thorpe Park: 1 Alton Tower: 2

Rita VS Stealth: Stealth is faster and taller.

Thorpe Park: 2 Alton Tower: 2

Runaway Mine Train VS Flying Fish: Runaway Mine Train looks like the more impressive of the two.

Thorpe Park: 2 Alton Tower: 3

Sonic Spinball VS Colossus: Maurer Söhne spinners are easy to find. 10 inversion coasters are not.

Thorpe Park: 3 Alton Tower: 3

Th13teen VS Saw: Th13teen looks to be a good family ride, but Eurofighter pack a great punch.

Thorpe Park: 4 Alton Towers 3

However, given a choice between the two, I would hands down choose to visit Alton Towers first because of its gorgeous landscape and great history. There is more to any amusement parks than a list of roller coaster statistics.

Overall: Alton Towers


Giga Poster
Wouldn't it make more sense to compare X:/NWO and 13 (Both similar in intensity, both indoor at least in part)

And Saw and Oblivion (big steep vertical/beyond vertica drops)


Roller Poster
I prefer Thorpe, because although Alton Towers has nicer scenery, I dont like to spend my time walking around trying to find each ride. The distance between them is collosal (see what I did there). XD


Strata Poster
Nemesis. Lacks speed? Rofl. Some people <<<<

Pointless to compare the rides as such, but I'm bored so why not.

Air VS The Swarm - Swarm
Nemesis VS Nemesis Inferno - Nemesis
Oblivion VS X:/ No Way Out - Oblivion
Rita VS Stealth - Rita
Runaway Mine Train VS Flying Fish - RMT
Sonic Spinball VS Colossus - Colossus

Left out the latter as I've not ridden Thirteen.

Speaking more broadly though, I'd go as far as to say with Thorpes last two additions being two big rollercoasters, I dare so that they're the biggest/best ''thrill'' park in the country, whereas Alton is the best family park and probably best all round. Even though I prefer Flamingo Land.


Strata Poster
I'm not going to do these comparing things but Overall, I find Alton is a much better park. Not that some rides are better, but the whole "experience" is better; Queue time boards which I trust, Single rider queues, more variety in rides (Not just ride types, but between indoor vs outdoor and thrill vs family vs kids) and better theming. PLus, some of the scenery in and around the park is brilliant.


Staff member
Air VS The Swarm = The Swarm. Neither are particularly "superb" but The Swarm is great fun.
Nemesis VS Nemesis Inferno = Nemesis by a decent margin
Oblivion VS X:/ No Way Out = ??? WTF Comparison? Anyway, eating dog turds is better than X:\NWO
Rita VS Stealth = Stealth, second "good" ride at Thorpe
Runaway Mine Train VS Flying Fish = RMT, because, well, it's good.
Sonic Spinball VS Colossus = Another WTF comparison. I don't often ride either, but I always go on Spinball and think "I'd forgotten that this is actually quite good". I always go on Colossus and go "now I remember why I never go on this POS".
Th13teen VS Saw = WTF again? Erm, Contentious one. I enjoyed Saw, but have no plans to ever ride it again in case I discover the hideousness everyone talks about. Thirteen I quite enjoy actually, but wont actively ride it. Thirteen then I guess.

My problem is that there's very little at Thorpe I want to re-ride (per year, never mind in a single day), but I'd happily re-ride Oblivion of Nemesis a lot. However, I rarely go on any rides at Alton because I enjoy the park. When I go to Thorpe I also don't go on many rides, but enjoy the company (the park is a bit of a dog).

Ride-wise it's personal taste as to which you're prefer. Park wise it's all down to if you enjoy lots of constant riding or a more sedate riding day.


Strata Poster
Ugh, OK...

Air v Swarm - Swarm
Nemesis v Inferno - Nemesis
Oblivion v X - Oblivion
Rita v Stealth - Stealth
RMT v Fish - RMT
Spinball v Colossus - Spinball
13 v Saw - 13.

According to that, Alton wins, but generally I'd say with the addition of Swarm Thorpe has better rides now. Alton haven't really done anything fab for ages, and I've got a bad feeling about the new coaster. It's just Saw, let's face it <////3. Plus their flats are dire. I'd still rather spend a day at Alton though because Thorpe is such a dump.


CF Legend
KarlDale said:

Omg <3


Air vs. Swarm - Air is nice and my favourite B&M flyer because it doesn't try and crush you with forces and pulls off the 'flying' sensation best, but Swarm is a better coaster overall, the first drop is really fun, the zero-g is lovely and the rest of the coaster makes it a solid 'great' coaster. So Swarm.

Nemesis vs. Inferno - Whilst Inferno isn't a bad coaster in it's own right, when compared to its namesake it just can't compete. I've yet to see anything as innovative as Nemesis and after years of riding it it still manages to make me catch me breath when pulling into the break run. Nemesis.

Oblivion vs. X - X is a pile of kak, it's SUCH a bad ride that I can't even....Oblivion is great, Dive Machines are awesome and Oblivion does it best. Oblivion.

Rita vs. Stealth - Stealth will always have a soft spot with me, it's such a fun ride, the launch is gut wrenching and it's 30 seconds of pure adrenaline. I don't not like Rita, I quite enjoy it actually but Stealth is miles better. Stealth.

RMT vs. Flying Fish - Fish is meh, RMT has nice theming, tunnel, ride interaction and an overall more elaborate and interesting layout. RMT.

Spinball vs. Colossus - Spinball is fun but it's quite lackluster when compared to something like Dragon's Fury which demonstrates what you can really do with a spinner. Colossus looks cool in its sunken setting, interacts well with its landscape and is actually quite a solid ride, if it weren't for the pain I'd love it. Colossus.

13 vs. Saw - I like 13, especially in the dark and think it is a great little family coaster. Saw is painful and whilst I enjoyed it in its opening year, it has not aged well and is now a coaster I tend to avoid if I want to go the day without a vile headache, although the first drop is still really fun! 13.

Winner - Alton Towers. Because of course ;]


Miss CoasterForce 2016
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I instantly voted for Thorpe Park just because they have two coasters that always leave me grinning from ear to ear; but then considering other factors such as atmosphere, themeing, the variation of rides/things to do in the park, and scenic surroundings, I find Alton a much more enjoyable (dare I say it, magical!) place to spend the day overall.

Air VS The Swarm - Both these coasters have great moments, but feel like they run out of steam in the second half of the ride. I pick Swarm just slightly over Air for it's breathtaking zero-G roll, the unique first drop and big long turn by the lake. An honorable mention goes to Air's Fly to Lie though!

Nemesis VS Nemesis Inferno - Nemesis. I remember being completely in awe the first time I saw it in the 90s; such a beautiful looking coaster, and riding it did not disappoint. Nemesis Inferno just doesn't have anywhere near the same visual impact; and its' layout is far less inspired.

Oblivion VS X:/ No Way Out - Oblivion. Another great-looking coaster, and a ride that I still find pretty intimidating even now. I revisited X:NWO at Thorpe last week, just to see if I remembered it being worse than it really is. It was not worth the second chance, to put it nicely.

Rita VS Stealth - Stealth. Stealth = fun-size Kingda Ka. Rita = no fun at all, just restraints that kill your shoulders.

Runaway Mine Train VS Flying Fish. - R.M.T. A nice starter coaster that's still enjoyable as an adult, it's great to have a big layout which covers a lot of ground on a kids coaster. Whereas Flying Fish has that tiny figure 8 circuit, and no tunnel / hello river rapids moments!

Sonic Spinball VS Colossus - Spinball. It's always more fun than I anticipate it being; it hits the "fun thrills" category bang on the mark. Whereas Colossus is always a rough, puke-inducing let down. Nowadays, I don't even bother riding it.

Th13teen VS Saw - Odd to compare a family coaster to a thrill coaster; admittedly I like them both in very different ways. But I'd have to say Saw as it's one of my faves in the U.K., the pacing and the drops always get my heart pumping. I don't even notice the roughness other people complain about!
Thirteen is smooth, and has a surprisingly steep first drop; but the backwards section does nothing for me, and even thought I know it's not aimed at thrill-seekers, I still think the coaster could do with feeling a bit more wild in places.