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Bagatelle, August 17' - French Invertigo & other stuff

Coaster Hipster

Giga Poster
Before making it to Plopsa/Efteling, I made a little stop in Northern France to get some creds at Bagatelle.



Not the best first impression tbh, but this is actually the worst looking part of the park - perhaps along with the Triops zone.




The core of Bagatelle is quite pleasant to walk through however.




Triops is actually the original Invertigo. After its troubled start at Liseberg in 1997, it moved several times and landed here. Reviews generally regard this model better than the regular Boomerang, and after 3 laps (both ends and a middle row), I ended up with the same opinion. A bit jolty and rattly at moments, but the comfort is still significantly improved upon the overused brother. As a result, I was able to enjoy the surprising intensity of this shuttle coaster design a lot more. The OTSR are excessively bulky imo, but the face to face seating is a really cool idea and fits well the backwards/forward Invertigo experience.




Gaz Express sounds suspiciously similar to Pégase Express at Astérix. However, this one is a 1987 Soquet family coaster which underwent several name and theme changes. I actually quite like the new scenery. It is light-hearted and fun, coupled with some striking fire effects. That raised a little my expectations, but the ride itself is rather underwhelming now that I've been on more modern and exciting family coasters. Still a great fit for the park nonetheless.



Famous Jack looked like the dreadful Viking SBF spinning wild mouse at Energylandia. Thankfully this one doesn't have OTSR! Still a very uncomfortable and unenjoyable coaster however.


Bagatelle is a decent place. Good compact thrill coaster, decent family rides and the park is mostly pleasant with the scenery. There's some dated and/or out-of-place stuff like the Wacky Worm (ugh), but I still had a good time there. With some smart investments they could easily overcome their flaws :)

Mysterious Sue

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So you say it's not too bad? Tbh, I've never seen a photo of the place that makes me want to go (outside of the obvious cred-whoring).