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Mega Poster
I do not.

However I do have a meat related tale to tell. Not wanting to give you a simple answer ill give you an insight into my picky eating habits

How I can't eat bacon or steak or red meat unless it is sandwiched in bread. I'm fine with hot dogs in buns, burgers in bread, sausage sandwichs etc. However If you take the meat out of the bread I can't eat it.


From CoasterForce
Staff member
Social Media Team
I love bacon.

Next to where I work is a farm. I can see the pigs wallowing in their own **** and then a few months later I'm frying parts of it and smothering it in brown sauce.


Goon of the Year
I shall come to your house and demand you have bacon. Or a christmas tradition with it wrapped around a sausage! You dissapoint me Taylor!


Hyper Poster
Literally everytime I don't feel well you know the lovely bacon is going to be cooked. Christmas round my Nan and Grandad's. A good hangover cure.