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Are water coasters the best water rides?


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Do you think that because water coasters have coaster sections, that it automatically makes them better than just normal water rides? I do not think so purely because non of my top 10 water rides have coaster sections (unless you count menhir express and ripsaw falls as coasters :) ). Some can actually spoil the fact that water rides are meant to be really fun and enjoyable (e.g. Poseidon), but on the other hand some can make a certain rather dull water ride concept more interesting (e.g. Atlantica Supersplash). What do you think?


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There are very few, if any, great water coasters, but there are many great water rides which aren't coasters.


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^Perfectly said. One of the great things about the best water rides (Valhalla, Jurassic Park, Splash Mountain) are the scenic slow sections. On a water coaster there's too much haste, and the final drop doesn't have the anticipation (of course that's not the case for all of them). The only outstanding part of Journey to Atlantis in Orlando is the theming, and there's not much of it.

Perhaps someone who's been Atlantis Adventure will say otherwise, I imagine that's the best around.


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I've only ever been on Journey To Atlantis which I like but my four favourite water rides are Splash Mountain, Rip Saw Falls, Popeyes Barges and Kali River Rapids. So no water coasters are not the best water rides.

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Like ATTACKHAMMER I've only been on Journey to Atlantis. My favorite types of water rides are raft rides I enjoy them a lot. So in my opinion no raft rides are the best.


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They can be amazing overall experiences if they are done well with the themening, like Poseidon and Skatteøen.

Personally i like rapids rides the most, and good flume rides with backwards sections are also more fun than a water coasters. I also prefer the Atlantica Supersplash over the water coasters I've done, but as I said then are good overall rides, that are fun.


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Casio said:
Perhaps someone who's been Atlantis Adventure will say otherwise, I imagine that's the best around.

Atlantis Adventure isn't a water coaster. It's just an odd roller coaster with wet theming. It never touches the water, let alone floats or splashes down.