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Are ‘alpine coasters’ a bit ****?


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…I sort of feel like they are, typically: very low / mild thrills, located in the arse end of nowhere, trolololol expensive (comparatively) and also feature lift hills so slow that they make Steel Curtain blush.

Put it this way, if we included them in ‘coaster rankings’, would any get placed anywhere remotely respectable?

If I’m in the vicinity, why not, but I could probably do without going on one again. I’d rather go on a ‘proper’ coaster, or just ‘walk somewhere nice’.

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On the whole, yes, but at least 70% of all coasters are.

By design they don't really try and do the things you expect from your average 'proper' coaster and so ranking them against anything normal becomes a bit of a non-starter.

If you've never tried one and the opportunity arises I'd definitely recommend giving it a go though. You can never go wrong with diversifying your experiences in this hobby.
I wouldn't expect anyone to go out of the way for most of them like you might for something decent but they can, in moderation, be a far more interesting alternative to your average family coaster.

There are exceptions of course - one that is by far one of the best things I've done this year.


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I think I prefer the SoRo (toboggan) types, there's a good sense of speed being so close to the ground and a decent sense of peril.

Fforest coaster looks like a pretty cool experience to be fair, so I feel unqualified to answer your question until I've ridden that. I did the one at Stoke Ski Centre back in 2005 and I think I enjoyed it!

It's interesting that people don't count alpine coasters. I don't either, but I'm not sure why not, I mean they certainly look like roller coasters and function like roller coasters. But I suppose if you count alpine coasters you'd have to count SoRos too as bobsled type coasters, and that feels like a slippery slope!


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But I suppose if you count alpine coasters you'd have to count SoRos too as bobsled type coasters, and that feels like a slippery slope!
You don't have to then count the others at all. You can just leave that particular distinction at 'it has rails' and leave it at that.


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I really enjoy them. Although they need a decent length to be worth while. But the best thing about them is that they are almost always in places with amazing views.

They should never be compared to theme park coasters because that's not what they are. They are there own thing and if there's one nearby where I am then they are almost always worth while.


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Alpine coasters are fun yes, exciting no. the two in Branson are nice little rides. I do prefer the Branson Coaster over Runaway, simply because I don't have to wait for the long af lift hill for the ride to start


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I did one in Churwalden, Switzerland a few years back. I do Count them (each to their own as counting rules - I'm sure I miss out those others do Count) and it sits in my top 1/3 of coasters ridden. A lot of fun, and amazing views. And yeah, and I would say that it is exciting as well. And strap on a GoPro and get an amazing video of it that will wow anyone


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Only done the one at Todtnau, near Europa Park, and I had blast!

I guess it comes down to the layout, Todtnau is fun because it's fast and has lots of turns at speed. Plus the location is gorgeous.
If it's just something plonked down then I can imagine it's not as fun or engaging!


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They're not a super high priority with me, but they do have some unique characteristics:
  • The location is usually pretty nice, as well as a sense of isolation
  • Not too many rides you can go on alone
  • Duration. A lot of them have an enormous lift hill, and a pretty long track.
Are they super thrilling? Not really. I look at them as a glorified family coaster in a beautiful setting.


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I've done one. And I count it as a cred. Why shouldn't I?

I did Breathtaker at Aspen Snowmass, and it's honestly more fun than most of the coasters I've ridden. There are legit moments of laterals and airtime. And it runs under it's own power, much like a coaster does, so I don't see why they can't be considered a +1.

Here's a POV (not the best, think they braked a couple of times).



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That looks fab in the snow! I've done quite a few in both the US and Europe and really enjoy them. They can be really fun, not the biggest thrill but certainly worth doing - I'll always go out of my way to do them. Totally rerideable and a bit terrifying at night.

I'd love to see more in the UK, especially as Fforest isn't the best example of one.


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I did a few Mountain Coasters last week on a trip around Germany, they are good fun to get when visiting parks nearby.

There is a very short one near Freizeitland Geiselwind that was part of a beer garden set up, perfect combo!

We also made a trip to the SpeedBob coaster with the airtime hills, and that was a lot more exciting than your typical mountain coaster!

The prices in Germany are really cheap too, €2-3 each compared to the £25 you have to shell out in Wales for 3 rides at Zipworld!