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Apple Watches on Roller Coasters?


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So I just got an Apple Watch and I was wondering if it’d be safe and secure enough wear it on all the big creds. I’m using the standard Velcro strap.

I’m sure it’s fine but with it being a brand new and expensive device for me I want to be sure of the risk before I go all out on the creds this week. I imagine there’s gotta be a few people on here who has experience with this?

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As far as I know, my buddy Dan has had zero issues with his while riding coasters, and he got his watch specifically so he could more easily use his phone at amusement parks.


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Not an apple watch, but I have never had any issues with my regular quartz watch. Just make sure it is secured to your wrist, so that it doesn't move and potentially cause a distraction.

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Unless specifically stated, I keep my (Android) watch on at all times during rides as well. Just as any regular watch it stays securely in place and it's quite unlikely it'll come off (unless you fiddle with it mid-ride).


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Thanks for the replies. I’ve been riding with it today and have had no issues thus far. :)

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I have had my apple watch for a few years now and never had an problems with it. Just remember to utilise water mode