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American Dream | New Jersey USA | Mega Mall/Nickelodeon Theme Park


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Re: New Jersey | American Dream | Mall/DreamWorks Theme Park

Aquarium? Observation Wheel? DreamWorks? They must be at least trying to get Merlin on board (note how the ski slope - apparently the first in the Western Hemisphere if you don't count all the others - is branded).


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Re: New Jersey | American Dream | Mall/DreamWorks Theme Park

Here's a pic I took when I was landing at Newark Liberty this summer.


Still nothing.


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Re: New Jersey | American Dream | Mall/Nickelodeon Theme Par

So it appears that Triple Five, the group of companies that own the Mall of America near Minnesota and West Edmonton Mall, have dropped Dreamworks and are going back to Nickelodeon for the American Dream Meadowlands Mall. The 8.5 acre park will be the largest indoor theme park on the continent and is now scheduled to open in 2018.
The observation wheel and drop tower have been dropped (pun intended) and the cinema has been reduced to 1500 seats, but everything else remains as planned (see above).

News source with video report.


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A Takabisha clone intertwined with a Gerstlauer spinner? Looks pretty impressive!


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As a further reference point this quote came from IAAPA 2014.. which shows how long this parks been delayed. While the Dreamworks IP is now gone I believe? the rides described match perfectly.

Triple Five Mall, New Jersey, United States of America: On the site of the Xanadu Mall, which has been under construction but has never been opened for financial reasons, the Canadian shopping center operator Triple Five will open a funfair complex in the style of the well-known Mall of America in Minneapolis by 2016. The DreamWorks Amusement Park is to be equipped, among other things, with two intersecting roller coasters from Gerstlauer.

The 1000 meter long LSM coaster is identical to Takabisha in Japan: Directly after the station, a heart roll with drop is positioned in the launch, followed by further high-inversions like Corkscrew or Dive Loop. The last splint is given a vertical pencil. Overall, the over 40 meter high roller coaster will offer seven inversions. The second railtraction is a spinning coaster with single vehicles, which offers not only classic mouse curves but also various trips and departures, which will be fully integrated into the LSM Coaster.
http://www.coastersandmore.de/rides/achterbahnneuheiten2014/achterbahnneuheiten2014.shtml (IN GERMAN)


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I remember a while back in one of the Gerstlauer threads(I think it was Pegase Express?) talking about how Square Track(only used on Takabisha) was spotted at the factory. Maybe this thing will come to life after all!

Plus that spinner looks awesome intertwined with Takabisha.


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Yeah there is certainly a Takabisha clone sat at the factory And has been for quite some time.
There's a lot of pink track as well which could be for the spinner. Although Gerst have a fair few other projects going on so i guess we will have to Wait (as usual with this project) and see


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So the spinner is going to be passing right infront of the main drop!?

Thats gonna be so amazing ::drool::

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The "Skywarp" looks like one of those compact Mack Xtreme Spinners to me.
I was literally just gonna post the same thing! :) But I'm going to leave a link so people can see the similarity:-
But when Time Traveler was announced, didn't SDC say something along the lines of no other parks can build one for a number of years? That's what makes me think it will be a Skywarp. Maybe a dueling Skywarp?