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American Dream | New Jersey USA | Mega Mall/Nickelodeon Theme Park

Youngster Joey

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This whole project really is a mess. Hopefully a year from now everything will be up and running smoothly and we'll forget about all the problems but until then this really is just disappointing.


Mega Poster
Is TMNT operating consistently right now? I saw that it had opened with the park but then had been down for a bit.


Giga Poster
From what I've seen... Shellraiser is the only one running reliably. I'm gonna try and visit the park in a few weeks... but I'm keeping mt expectations mega-low.....just in case everything is a bust <3


Slut for Spinners
Update: looks like the full admission price has raised to $60, but they introduced a $35 twilight admission which will get you in for the last three hours of operation:

I saw a Reddit thread where a visitor claimed (with photo provided) that there were around 30 people at the park during their evening visit. Your mileage will vary, but it's good info if you're planning a trip.


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Social Media Team
Yeah, that looks like it's got quick a kick to it!

Matt N

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Wow! Everyone may have been talking about Shellraiser, but I think Sandy's Blasting Bronco could be the sleeper hit of the park's coasters!

Edward M

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Ahhh, I haven't watched the videos, so I can be surprised when I visit! Anyone know when this is supposed to open? And also is the half pipe running consistently yet? I'm done with my semester this Saturday, so I'd love to be able to visit next week and get a +5!


Slut for Spinners
I honestly thought it was sped up a bit during my first view but that doesn't appear to be the case. The exit to the second inversion really has a whip to it as the train levels out, and that turntable is quite swift.