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Adventureland | Dragon Slayer | S&S Freespin | 2021


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Uhh, did you forget that Jersey Devil exists?
Monster actually beats Jersey Devil in all stats except for track length! (Jersey Devil is 500 feet longer than Monster)

I've always overlooked Dragon when thinking about coasters that might kick the bucket over the next few years, so this removal was definitely unexpected. Personally, assuming Dragon's 2021 replacement is a coaster, I'm anticipating either an RMC Raptor or a Skyrocket II, seeing as how Adventureland's coaster investments have been on the less expensive side (and that Phoenix is a cloned model, the Maurer Spinning Coaster SC2000). However, I'm personally hoping to see some form of launch coaster - whether it be a Gerstlauer swing launch like Gold Rush, a new-generation Vekoma like Formula, or even a custom Premier. Along with an airtime-focused/non-inverting steel coaster, I feel that a launch coaster is a significant gap in Adventureland's growing coaster lineup.


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It's quite sad to see it go, I think I have a soft spot for those rare and sketchy looking coasters. It definitely gave me Schwarzkopf vibes when I was watching POVs of it (back in 2016 or 17 I have to say), but maybe it wasn't as good as a Schwarzkopf looper... Taylor's 2016 review (Coaster Studios) of that Hopkins looper (Desert Storm) at Castles & Coasters was quite favorable tho.
That prelift section gave it some originality, that's for sure IMO, but the rest of the layout was quite basic. Maybe they'll pull a BGW and reuse some of the footers over the water for their new coaster. I'm pretty confident that they'll reuse the station tho, given that the new coaster "slayed the dragon", taking it's place.
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This thread is pretty cringey.

The ride is closing. It was considered **** by those who rode it, and is now getting the Vortex treatment of people claiming it was good.

They are replacing it with something new next year, a coaster.

Just because the park is in **** off Iowa, doesn't mean they won't get something because of the rona. This has been discussed elsewhere to the point of nausea.

Nobody knows what it is. Let's stop the every three posts of oh that's a good idea. Yeah, but that's not as cool as this. Ah right, that would work too.

Give it a bit before we go into speculating about what three people are saying.

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AdventureLand posted another teaser on Facebook today confirming Dragon Slayer name! The update spinning upside-down really made me think today that an Axis Coster could be coming would look great over the lagoon!


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The ride is closing. It was considered **** by those who rode it, and is now getting the Vortex treatment of people claiming it was good.
I liked Vortex a lot and I'm still quite upset about its removal. I also have a trip report from 2018 where I praise it that's on this site somewhere.

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The likes of Theme Park Worldwide and Pleasure Beach Experience also had very positive things to say about Vortex when they went to Kings Island last summer, before the closure was ever even known about.

Sometimes, people just have some uncommon opinions, and that’s the beauty of the enthusiast community!
An S&S Free Spin certainly wouldn’t be a bad addition if that’s what’s coming!

But if we’re thinking along the lines of S&S, could it be an Axis coaster? The stock layout of that model might be quite affordable!
That is very true. An Axis would also suit those supports if they could invest in that