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Ache or Hache.

Ache or Hache.

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Hyper Poster
Aitch for me.....Haytch just sounds dumb to me. but then it is all down to how you have been taught....tomato / tomaeto


Mega Poster
"aitche" or whatever... Infact!

It was drummed into us so much in primary school, so it's just stayed that way.

And there's always the 'proper' old-fashioned english teachers that roam the library nowadays and make you feel bad for saying "haitch" ... So for my own conscience "aitche" loves it more. :D


Hyper Poster
What the hell.

The letter "H" makes a "huh" sound so why say the letter "H" with an A sound? Haitch is the way it should be said.
When I say the letter "H", I pronounce it like "aych" due to the fact that it basically stresses my lungs and esophagus out when I say it "haytch". It just sounds completely retarded with my voice, or accent if you prefer to call it that.

So, "Aych".


The Legend
Aitch. I didn't know there were different ways to say it in the English language... lol


Hyper Poster
I say both, just like I pronounce Z both the American and English way. The Z problem is Sesame Street's fault. Don't know why I say both for the H though.


Giga Poster
^ Because you are fit.

I say ache normally unless I'm spelling somthing out to somone in a sarcastic way..... then I say hache.



I just wouldn't feel right invoking haitch, Herbert.

Matt N

CF Legend
I pronounce this “Haitch”, for what it’s worth.

Although I guess it might depend on the context. If it were in the middle of a sentence, I might occasionally resort to “Aitch”.


Donkey in a hat
It's 'aitch'.
Not even a matter of opinion, 'haitch' is just plain wrong, it's grammatically incorrect. Haitch does not appear in the dictionary because there is no such word.
It's aitch.



Giga Poster
The correct answer is aitch.

But haitch is an understandable as having ‘h’ at the front of a word typically gives a ‘huh’ sound. So I have always found the correct pronunciation of the letter to be a little confusing.

… but I really have no idea what is going on with the silent ‘h’ in the Americanised pronunciation of herbs (“erbs”).