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A Trip to the Theatre


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Been to the theatre recently to see a play or musical, then post your review and regards in here! And why not debate how good a play/ musical is and advise people on what to see?

I'll be placing my "Chicago" review in later.


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We Will Rock You(WWRY) - Friday 5th February (was it really that long ago? :( )

Quite bloody fabulous! - is the best way to describe it. A concert with a plot, and it just so happens to be a Queen concert (therefore it loves life!).

Went to see it with Ben and we were quite simply blown away (I hadn't seen it for 3 years)! Killer Queen (Mazz Murray) absolutely ruled the stage, the single most amazing stage presence ever in the history of ever! And Commander Khashoggi (Alex Bourne) he loves life too! For a man in his 40's (and for a man at that), there was something strangely attractive about his character. What can I say, give me a power trip anyday, it's perhaps why I <3'd Sarah Palin :lol:

Needless to say we we both downloaded the soundtrack and are still singing it! Especially all of the villain songs: Killer Queen, Play the Game, A King of Magic, Seven Seas of Rhye, Don't Stop Me Now and Another One Bites the Dust. <3

Easily an 11/10, no contest. And it's even fabber because America DOESN'T have it because they're stupid! :p

And just because they love life!....






SPITE!!!!!!!! <\3



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The last thing I saw was Beauty and the Beast a couple of months ago.

Hated it.

It was a touring production, and the whole thing just looked so cheap. The bint playing Belle was sh!te as well.
Oh, cool topic, I'll do the three shows I've seen that actually count (that aren't stupid school performances or something).


I like the soundtrack to Cats, but the actual play was just so dull. I honestly didn't even get the point of it really, and it was really forgettable.



Then there's Rent, which I saw in New York City on Broadway, woo. It was before I had seen the movie, so the show confused me just a little bit, but the singing was great, it had some of the favourite and original people playing the cast, and overall it was a funny, sad, and intriguing show.



Save the best for last, The Lion King! To put it simply, I cried twice, the cast was amazing, the costumes were amazing, the songs were phenomenal.. I loved the whole thing, and it was so worth how much money it cost to see. I'd be surprised if any musical could top it.



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LFTL said:
the actual play was just so dull

Agreed. It's probably a much more interesting show if you're into dance, but otherwise it's pretty boring. "Memory" is stunning, but otherwise, even the music isn't that great. I'm in no rush to see it again anyway.

Anyway, at the moment, I'm completely gutted! Silence! The Musical (a comic musical version of The Silence of the Lambs) was on in London in January and February. I had no idea and it's finished now. :sad:

The best songs from it (not suitable for work or school!), but not official videos.




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We. Will. Rock. You.


With Neal if you're dense :p

I wasn't expecting it to be any good if I'm honest. It blew me away. GO SEE IT. I know I am again in 24 days <3

And because we're getting married, Alex <3

What else... Cats does suck, I agree.


AMAZING. SO GOOD. Saw it opening night, and OMFG BLEW MY MIND. SO GOOD. <3<3<3<3<3


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Tales of a City 2008

A great piece on the loneliness of living in a city.

Made 100% better by seeing mrclam totally stark naked in it.

A "must see" for the ladies.

9/10 if only for the beautiful body


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Aren't you supposed to be gone mrclam?

Oh and Tay my god lion king is amazing!!!

Anyway Ben is it really that good? I have this mate in the west end who said it was **** but he's a dancer and from what I understand the dancing isn't it's strong point. That's probably why...

How much is it costing at the moment?


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If you're talking about WWRY, then we're no longer friends Slash ;)

And your mate is a wee bit thick - you can't beat Mazz's spiteful rendition of Another One Bites the Dust, one of the best choreographed things I've ever seen! <3

SPITE! ALEX! :( <\3


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Some version of Romeo and Juliet

It was okay. I'm not that into theatres, and thought the play was... sure good, but didn't really catch my interest.



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I was talking about We Will Rock You, Ben and Neal. So I will just make my own opinion one day...


Right well as good as it's meant to be and I'm sure everyone enjoyed it, it just made me feel a tad bored. I mean it should have been good, in fact it should have been great. The dancing was excellent, the choreography was great the singing was fantastic, the acting was fabulous.

And yet I left feeling exceptionally disheartened, it just hit a bad note for me, maybe it was the storyline that I just didn't find very catching or even very clever. Maybe it was the lack of props but I just can't put my finger on it. So my rating is


in my opinion you can find many better shows in the west end for the same price. So feel free to do so.


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^ Chicago is a minimalistic show which is heavily reliant on physical dancing and acting.


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I have a feeling I'll be posting in here far too much.


Currently showing at the Noel Coward, London and opening soon on Broadway. It's about the collapse of Enron in 2001, but don't let this put you off. Although it's a show about finance it's really exciting and funny. It's written by Lucy Prebble, one of the most interesting young writers in the country, and direction is by the innovative Rupert Goold, who is known for his risk taking.

It's so clever in the way that it explains simply all the phrases and terms that many of us don't understand. Lightsabers to represent the electricity crisis in California! Dinosaurs to represent off shore entities.

I loved it, and wouldn't mind seeing it again, especially now having read the script.


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Slash said:
Maybe it was the lack of props but I just can't put my finger on it.

But that's the point. It goes to show you don't need all the effects or lavish sets to put on a good show.

Well, I suppose I could do a few of mine.

I'll start with Spring Awakening.

Well, I saw this back in Jan 2009, at the Lyric Hammersmith, the first Matinee is England=].

Anyway, ever since I first heard of the show, back in 2006, I bought the soundtrack and loved it. I had to wait a nearly three years for it to come to London. Naturally I bought tickets the moment they went on sale. £10 each, stalls.

So, with my tickets bought, I had to wait a further 5 months before it opened. In November, my friend who was in college with me in 2008, said she had been auditioning for it and had won the role of Thea, this made it more exciting for me to see it.

On to the show. Amazing. I loved the Brechtian style staging, minimal props, the two adult male and females playing loads of characters each, it was amazing.

The songs are very catchy and have good lyrical quality. Luckily, we had the original musical director standing in that day and it made the atmosphere electric.

I'd have to give it a 9.9/10.

Shame it closed, but it god excellent reviews, just not enough people buying tickets.


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^I thought that looked a bit rubbish but I've only seen the trailer they had on their site.

Chicago is pants. Well, the first half is awesome and then I find the second half is a rubbish version of the first half. Seen it twice and I doubt I'll ever go see it again.

Enron looks interesting, I may go see it one day, especially after reading your review jokerman.

On Saturday me and my sis took my Mum to see Oliver! for Mothers day.

This is the second time I've seen this and it's still incredible. The songs are awesome, the cast is incredible and the sets are just epic. Gryff Rhys Jones isn't as good as Rowan Atkinson (who I saw first time round) but is still good and entertaining. We also got seats in one of the boxes which was a new experience for me, it was cool.


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No I don't know why I put I thought it was a lack of props because I enjoysome plus that are minimalist. You know what I really have no idea why I didn't like it. I just didn't.


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Chicago's amaaziiingggg <3<3

I'm going to see SOMETHING for my birthday on Thursday, probably Wicked tbh. I shall report back.