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2nd Gen Reverchon Spinning Wild Mice


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It's a shame that the lift is so fast really - it's the third best bit of a Reverchon spinner.

The second best bit being when the restraints release to get off. The best being the bit when you add the +1 to the spreadsheet, of course.


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I am curious as to how the lift hill functions. Does it just use a standard motor or does it use hydraulics like Tornado at Bakken to achieve such a fast speed?


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looks like this newer model starts spinning earlier on in the ride the old models didn't start to spin until after the big drop ?

Chris Brown

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I can’t work out if there’s a little speed increase at 2.05 in that POV. Not sure if there’s a small hill or if the camera is playing tricks. Just seems to speed up quickly into that corner!

Edit: I think there’s a drive wheel acting a small launch.