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Jarret Stroud

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My goals for 2023 is passed Calc 1 and to face my fears and ride all the coasters at my home park Six Flags St Louis.

What is everyone’s goals for 2023?


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Moving into my own house. I've been living with mum & dad for long enough and now I need my own freedom to do anything I want.


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Lose the weight I put on during 2022!

I also hope to get a car this coming year. I sold mine during the pandemic and haven’t bothered with getting a new one because I enjoy saving the money. However, social life and theme park visits are suffering as a result of not being easily mobile (and a dislike of inconvenient public transport where I live), so that’s the main goal.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all CFers a fab Christmas and a cracking new year. I might lurk more than I post, but I love reading opinions and trip reports, so a big thank you for your support.


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Reach 1k creds and get a new job.

Put up more crimbo lights by this time next year.


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Pass the classes of the Business Administration course I'm taking, finish putting furniture and decorating me and my gf's house, lose some weight and keep my well-paid job for another year. And hopefully keep improving my mental health!


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I'm in the team of weight watchers! I realized that I do not look like I imagine myself, and I need to adjust my diet. Trying a calorie deficit. It's hard to get used to counting absolutely everything you eat, but if it makes me feel better, I'm in. I want to lead a more relaxed lifestyle and learn how to play ping-pong with it! I rarely get the opportunity to play, but I want to develop my reaction.
I also want to get a promotion at work. I had a period of apathy because I was doing the same duties for a long time, but I intend to change that. It's time to become more confident and persistent.
I hope I can complete at least one of these goals - it will be very good!
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