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2016 Coaster Tournament Finals


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Feel this has too much influence from the recent live...


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5: Helix

Helix has been the champion a couple of years ago, so I'm not exactly surprised it's in the finals again. A bit surprised by the fact that Wildfire knocked out Lightning Rod, though.

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Can't exactly complain with my top 2 being in the finals. Both are just absolutely amazing coasters. I doubt the live had much influence because hardly anyone who went on the live is voting.


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I echo the comments above, I'm surprised Lightning Rod lost to Wildfire. I suppose that's just to do with rider numbers, especially following the recent Live.

At least Helix made it though, that looks like the better ride out of these two, in my opinion.

Still, not going to complain too much, it's a fair competition!

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Having just ridden the two, Helix. It has way more going on overall, the pacing is excellent and it is exceedingly well-crafted. Wildfire is excellent but Helix is better.


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Youngster Joey said:
7: Wildfire, Kolmården

Though I'm not overly-enthused by this finals.
Missed a day of voting of Lightning Rod, clearly superior to either coaster. :)

However, if either of these must win, Wildfire is the clear favorite for me. While Helix does look good, very worthy of the praise its received, I don't feel it is better than what was a fantastic coaster in Wildfire.

EDIT: Even worse.. looking at the bracket, Wildfire tied LR. My vote (as well as the 3 other CFers I was with yesterday) would have broken the tie in favor of the Rod. Son of a bitch! :D