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2012 CF WC QF - (1) Colossus VS (10) CoasterCrazy

Who Should Advance?

  • (1) Colossus

    Votes: 6 50.0%
  • (10) Coastercrazy

    Votes: 6 50.0%

  • Total voters
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Wow a tie!

A real great effort there Coastercrazy, it is by far the best I have seen from you in by a country mile, so you should be real proud of yourself.

Unfortunately in the event of a tie-breaker somebody still has to lose, and in this situation I'm afraid its going to have to be Coastercrazy, please don't think thats a biased choice, I have, what I believe to be 2 fair reasons why.

1 - My entry was in within the original time frame, where CC's was allowed extra work time.

2 - The match finished at 6 - 6, and I know I was first to hit 6.

I'm really sorry Coastercrazy, tie breakers are always unfair to somebody, but I hope you can take some positives from this tournament, your work level has increased by a rediculous level, if we do something like this again next year there is no way you will ranked so low.
You also had me genuinly crapping my pants all week if it makes you feel any better.

Sorry fella.


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Conflict of interest was always a ***** to me in old online things and I can only imagine the hate you'd be expecting for something that was fair if this was anywhere else on the internet. Great job CC, congrats to Colossus, and enjoy your ride!

(That last part was my mind bull **** ing my way through the end of the sentence. :lol: )


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Colossus said:
You also had me genuinly crapping my pants all week if it makes you feel any better.
It was a great, fair and equal competition, no? Well, to be honest, I was never going to beat someone of your proficiency, especially since you were the first seed. But, for a 10th seed, It was a valiant effort and a dignified one too, and will hopefully result in a few more video views :--D . I was barely expecting a win over BBH, let alone come so close to the 1st seed.

For more consolation, here are four more reasons advocating your win:

-I probably would not be able to get an entry in at all for round three anyway.
-You organised the competition, so, you deserve this more...
-If we had a congruent stipulation, then I'm sure that you would've completely annihilated my entry.
-My station was comparatively terrible...

There's no need to apologize, you're absolved...

So, of course, thanks to everyone who made this comp possible and good luck to the rest of the remaining entrants, especially Nick. Let the best 'Rct3er ' win!

No harsh feelings.... :--D ...