1. Hyde

    CoasterForce's Favourite Roller Coasters - 2022 Edition

    2022 proved to be quite a year between the world getting ever more back out to amusement parks, and enthusiasts catching up on rides they had been missing during quarantine. And it showed: this year's tabulation was the largest ever of CFer entries! What's more, this also marks the fifth year...
  2. J

    Christmas Eve/Day 2022

    Wishing everyone a merry Christmas eve/day!! Stay safe and warm!
  3. Ian

    IAAPA 2022

    What have been your likes and dislikes from the IAAPA show floor? Feel free to link social media from any sources! CF's page (work in progress): http://www.coasterforce.com/iaapa-2022
  4. Matt N

    UK Mini-Budget 2022; what are your thoughts?

    Hi guys. Today, UK Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng got up in the House of Commons and held a “Mini Budget”. Now I would not normally make a topic for something as inconsequential as the Chancellor holding a budget; this happens once every 6 months and usually generates fairly little in the way of...
  5. Matt N

    Thorpe Park 10th September 2022

    Hi guys. Today was, interestingly, my first visit to Thorpe Park of the season; by my usual standards, September is quite late in the season for me to be visiting Thorpe for the first time! Today was also the return of my solo theme park tripping; as with last September, my parents’ love of...
  6. Matt N

    Alton Towers 7th/8th August 2022

    7th August 2022: Alton Towers Day 1 Hi guys. Today was the first day of my latest 2 day Alton Towers trip, which is always an exciting day, particularly when your break entails a stay in the Alton Towers Hotel! I know it’s only been two months since my last trip to Alton Towers, but I got...
  7. Matt N

    Alton Towers 19th/20th June 2022

    19th June 2022 (Alton Towers Day 1) Hi guys. After having started 2022 with some slightly more unusual (compared to what I usually visit, anyway) parks, I today returned to slightly more familiar turf; Alton Towers, my most visited theme park of all time! My mum found a very good deal on an...
  8. Matt N

    Drayton Manor 9th June 2022

    Hi guys. Today was a rather exciting day; my first visit to Drayton Manor in 4 years, and my first ever solo train trip to a theme park! I was keen to do this after noticing that my university train route (Lydney-Cheltenham Spa) had trains running directly to Drayton Manor’s nearest station, and...
  9. Hyde

    Michigan's Adventure Opening Weekend 2022

    Had the chance to swing by Michigan's Adventure on the way back down from a long weekend of camping, hiking, kayaking, and biking for Memorial Day weekend. A couple quick rides to pick up on the 5 hour drive home! Arrival and Entry We were actually camping 8 minutes next to the park; had to...
  10. Matt N

    Matt N’s Europa Park Initiation 26th-30th April 2022

    26th April 2022 (Travel) Hi guys. Today was a very exciting day; the start of my first ever trip to Europa Park! This might possibly be my most significant theme park trip in some time, and it’s quite a significant change in tune compared to the bulk of my recent trips, with a number of new...
  11. Ian

    "Pigs Might Fly" - Paultons Park, 21st May 2022

    This little piggy went to Alton. This little piggy then went home. This little piggy rode the new cred. This little piggy got a plus 1. And this little piggy went wee-weeee-weeeee and invited you to Paultons! The Live name is a bit rubbish (as was my take on the nursery rhyme). I was thinking...
  12. Matt N

    Chessington receiving 2 new rides in 2022 alongside possible Pirate’s Cove retheme

    It would appear that Chessington is installing 2 new rides in Pirate’s Cove for 2022, according to Chessington Buzz: https://chessingtonbuzz.com/news/two-new-rides-for-2022/ The planning application was submitted today, and the two rides are: A Zamperla Watermania (basically a mix of a teacups...
  13. CoasterWild

    Notable Deaths 2022

    Betty White, 99: https://7news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity/betty-white-beloved-actress-and-cultural-icon-dies-aged-99-on-new-years-eve-c-5149979?fbclid=IwAR0namGRstMJkg3aKHe2k4-2GgRXfLISWMm3JIh5q6qLL7pEEVUSKutkFPU
  14. Matt N

    Adventureland (Long Island) | Fireball | RES Roller Ball | 2022

    Hi guys. It would appear that Adventureland in Long Island (the park home to Turbulence) has announced that they are building North America’s first RES Roller Ball for 2022: I’m not sure what layout this is, but it should certainly be an exciting addition!
  15. TPoseOnTantrum

    Soaky Mountain Waterpark | The Edge | Whitewater West water coasters | 2022

    In a surprise announcement, Tennesee's relatively-new Soaky Mountain Waterpark - already equipped with a very impressive Proslide showcase attained last year - will debut THE EDGE in 2022, a 70-ft tall Whitewater West dueling watercoaster with daylight ring effects and a boomerango / halfpipe...
  16. CoasterHour

    Legoland CA "Big" Addition Announcement/Teasing

    Legoland CA is announcing something "big" this Tuesday. Probably won’t be anything mind-blowing but something to keep an eye on.
  17. Matt N

    ENSO; “Icon with a twist” opening at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in 2022

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach have just put this cryptic video onto Facebook, teasing something called ENSO: Nothing is known about this at present, other than that it’s “Icon with a twist”. I wonder what it could be? My first thought was backwards, but Icon backwards is Noci (or nocI)… maybe a...
  18. Matt N

    Park Beyond; new theme park simulation game coming 2022

    Hi guys. Recently, it’s been announced that a new theme park simulation game is being released in 2022, named Park Beyond: https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/park-beyond-is-a-theme-park-sim-with-the-best-and-weirdest-rides/ In terms of what Park Beyond will be like; not too much is known, but here are...
  19. adrenaline1996

    S&S Axis Coaster: Where and When?

    After the announcement of the new addition at Six Flags Fiesta Texas not being an S&S Axis Coaster as speculated by some, where do you think the first one will go? There was some hearsay about one potentially opening next year... what's the likelihood of this happening?
  20. Matt N

    Knott’s Berry Farm building a B&M in 2022?

    Hi guys. According to Screamscape, a permit was filed for “materials for an installation of an amusement park” at Knott’s Berry Farm, with the supplier listed as being none other than B&M: Could this mean that Knott’s is building a B&M coaster for 2022 or at some point in the near future? This...